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Really BAD trip

Hi, my name is Samuel and I'm 16.

Hi, my name is Samuel and I'm 16. I had a bad trip last summer. I had done shrooms 1 time before and I laughed until I cried. But the second time I think I had a little too much.

Me and 2 friends(1 of them was with me the first time) went in the woods where there was a little cabin. We didn't wanna get caught so we let 1 person eat his shrooms, 1 watching out for other people, and 1 smoking a joint. After we had eaten our shrooms and we smoked the joint we all sat down on a bench and waited. I had my walk-man so I listened to some music. After a while I stared at this wooden plate on the floor and I saw a mountain of dead bodies with a witch flying around it. I thought it was because I had looked at it a lot so I turned away and looked at the wall. All the nails in the wall were spinning around and I started to hear a weird tune in my head. It was funny at first and I wondered how someone could ever have a bad trip.

Bad choice of thought. We had planned to go to the movie theatre so we got up and took our bike. I stared at J. who suddenly looked like an evil clown and G. looked like a purple zombie. Then I started to panic. I couldn't laugh anymore! My friends asked me if I was o.k. but I couldn't move my jaw. It seemed to be stuck. I just nodded my head and we drove on. After a while G. asked me why I was riding in such a straight line and why I looked so serious. "Don't fall!" he said sarcasticly. All of the sudden my bike collapsed and I fell. Not hard, I didn't get hurt. They kept asking me if I was o.k. and I just kept nodding my head. I got back on my bike. I felt so weird. First cold then warm, my bones and skin all tight, and then waving as if they were water. We had taken the shrooms at 2 o' clock and it was now probably 50 minutes later. We were less than half a mile from the theatre. We drove through the neighbourhood where another friend of ours lived. Then we came by his house and we panicked. What if his parents would see us? We quickly drove away but we had no idea where we were going. We passed his house at least four times and it took us a whole hour to get to the theatre. On the way there G. kept saying it was so fucking strange.A plane flew by and we screamed in panic. Then my friends started laughing but I still couldn't laugh.

We knew it was 4 o' clock and the movie didn't start until 5. But we had no idea how long that meant we had to wait. I thought of how strange the sidewalk looked and I thought I was in that game "Super Mario". I saw those hopping mushrooms laughing at me. Not a happy laugh but an evil one.I still couldn't talk. Some more people showed up at the theatre and I could hear them talking. That was so weird; it sounded so stupid. First, their conversation didn't make any sense. They said some shit like:"I colored my pussy hair pink with my dad's new tie". Then the sound just got lower and lower and heavier. I felt like a mushroom and I could see myself wiggling around the theatre. THen suddenly we were in the theatre and the movie was beginning. I didn't know what movie we were watching but it all sounded too freaky. The walls just bursted open and I could see Hell with all kinds of demons and on the screen the characters turned into vampires and they said they were going to kill my friends and family. I closed my eyes and covered my ears out of fear and absolute panic. And then I saw pictures of my family, slaughtered and mutilated. I felt every form of fear I knew and I screamed. I heard my friends say something to me and I opened my eyes. There weren't many people there but they all looked at me with their demonic face. I turned to the left and G.(who I've known all my life) looked like satan. He asked me if I was fine. Then my vision just disappeared and more evil pictures and feelings hit me. I felt my ego slipping away. I looked at my arm. It was all green and purple and twisted. I felt like I was inside the movie. It seemed so unreal and i thought life was one big movie to an evil god. I tried scratch off my skin because i thought skin was bad for me. I saw blood on my hands and the next thing I know I was outside on the parking lot with my friends. They kept asking me if i was o.k. and then i could talk again. I said i was fine. I was still shaking and sweating. I did scrtch myself pretty bad but the trip was finally over. At least the bad part.

SO my advice is: don't panic and don't go to the movies

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