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from in to out

This trip occured about a month ago and im going to try to write what I remeber from it.

This trip occured about a month ago and im going to try to write what I remeber from it....Well to start off this was my secound time to trip on shrooms. I had tried it once before at the exact same place... my school. At the time this was the only place i new that i could get shrooms. Well to start off it is in one the the alternative schools that is provided for you if they find that you have been popping xanex at school. I consumed 2 3 inch. caps and 1 huge 5 inch. cubensis cap at lunch. We went outside to play peg with footballs about 15 mins later. We played for probably i would guess 15 more mins and i began to feel the first effects. I noticed fractal patterns when i closed my eyes, the slow but not strong breathing of trees, and that everyone throwing footballs should have played profestional football. After they noticed me as someone just standing there not dodging balls i felt as a target and i just belonged there. I made no effort to dodge any balls and continued to be.. just a target until the birds...(bell) rang and my friend reminded me that i had to go inside. My friend, I will call him d, also had dosed and told me he was beginning to feel awkward. As i walked down the white halls i began to notice that i was walking outside and i was really inside before, cause they... people had built this building so outside was naturally inside. As i walked outside i began noticing strange white lights that would float from ceiling to the ground. I decided that this strange light was water and that i needed to tell someone that there was a leak outside. so i told my geography teacher. when she came to look nothing existed in the space where water was dripping except for a flourecent light bulb. I gave up on the leak and continued into my geometry class.
This is where the real fun begins. Have you ever seen one of thos grids that you are suppose to draw a small drawing to a larger scale by drawing a grid over the smaller object and coping whats in the squares and making it larger? Well this was one of the greatest challenges of my life... i began off just fine until all of the lines began changing into one solid black sheet. Luckily this was a nice teacher who didn't care that i made little progress on the artwork. I looked over to my friend just to see a puzzled look on his face that gave me the impression of,"how the fuck am i supose to do this". as I stared at him we began to connect when he looked up. As he recalled later he felt this also. We were somehow just connected and i could almost see the rainbow that was connecting us... i could feel his emotions.. he could feel mine... we were infact the same beings. It kind of reminds me of how Elliot was connected with ET. but i felt myself with the urge to move closer and closer to my friend, so i did. as i moved closer to him we began to become the same being in physical perspective. We both new that everyone around use new that we weren't sober because we had just conformed into the same person. there was nothing we could do about it everyone already knew, so we went with it. as we both simotaniously looked at the ceiling we noticed that the ceiling was in fact sliding down with a gel around the edges allowing it to do so. that was scaring us so us decided to go to the computer. us argued with ourself over how us could fit in the same chair which we both were wanting to sit in. after arguing with myself for about 5 min and i could feel everyones eyes beating down on me me and myself spread apart to form two different beings and we took two different chair and two different computers. we got into the paint program with ease and decided we would constantly change the color in the background from black to green. we were very amused with this and we continued to do so until the class was over not paying attention to the other bones with skin around us saying, "your not even doing anything, get the hell off!!!". As the walls began to shake...(the bell rang) i notice people start to leave and me and my friend decided that there was an earthquake i tried to be as calm as possible as me and myself morfed back together and fled from the room to the nearest exit where my english teacher told us it wasn't time to go home yet so we just went to the most strict class were we weren't even really aloud to talk... geography. Us' dealer was in this class so he and his friend knew we were tripping. as myself and i became 2 we took our seats at least i thought we did. i was sitting 2 rows over. i thought that since i was going inside i was going to have to go outside from the other direction. my teacher told me to get in my seat which i profoundly argued was my seat. and then i agreed and said, "whatever" and took the seat that i knew was the wrong seat. I was enlightend and she wasn't. i acted as though i finished my work within 5 mins and put it in my folder and took the seat at the back of the room which i sat in everyday after i finished my work. The deep, plastic, black chair. Today it felt very... very comfortable. There is a guy who sits at the back table all the time who was called chunky and i began to see his face melt away. I exclaimed, "Holy Shit!". which my teacher overheared. She said mr. .... what did you say?? i said i said ouch i hit my toe. I felt what i said was satisfying enough and i was content with my handy quick thinking. i dont think she made any further complaint. Now they began to really kick in!!!
I was bathroom break time... This ment we had to pass the office where the police officer sits... i completed the first task of walking past that door as i chuckeled to myself. i checked that off in my things to do list in my head which was serving as a computer at the time. As i entered the bathroom i looked at the floor..... it was tiled with beige, white, yellow, brown, and black tiles. i could here the tiles whispering to one another talking about how bad the place smells, as i began to shrink. my friend was feeling the exact same thing. my dealer and his friend came in then and showed us their profound boxing skills which i decided weren't all that great after i came down, but at the time they were truly amazing. i turned on the water and watched it curress the sink as though it was a massuese. i began traveling down the drain and into the sewers and crawled around until i found myself coming out of the sink next to the one i was at and waving to myself. as i climbed out my friend described the pink piss he had just made and i said whoa that cool! i began to try to wrap as my dealer was telling someone he could bring them some shrooms tommorow. i wasn't seccessful. i left because them talking about shrooms made me feel uncomefortable. as i left i felt my geography teacher tell my vice priciple that they were talking about shrooms and i said no they weren't. coming to find out that isn't was she said at all. i was extremely paranoid by this time. i always get paranoid when i trip. when we got back inside i went and sat on the bean bag which was once my chair and relized why did it have to be a stable object.. why couldn't it just be like i was at the time just there... this is when i realized i knew everything... i was at a perfect blissful position of youthful knowledge. i knew everthing and even about everyone. i recounted countless numbers of people life expeiriances. and as i looked up i realized that i was no longer in my geography class, i was in the woods in the forest and everywhere before where there was a desk there were rather large trees. i then decided i needed to sleep because i knew if i stayed awake something would come out of the woods and get me. That was useless i couldn't go to sleep. then my dealer and his friend began reading this really freaking stupid book that i didn't understand. i felt them pry there way into my skull with each word. they continued until the bell rang. I said wow... i knew it was a bell. i climbed out of my bean bag and told my teacher have a nice weekend.. she said its thursday.. i said oh. i went inside to wait for our bus.
i noticed it was unuasually bright. and that i was alone in a field. i was just alone in a endless field. then my friend began laughing and said he thought he pissed his pants which made me need to piss. so he dragged me into the bus where i began to stiffin up i didn't want my bus driver to know that i was tripping i noticed it was hard to show expression and that i had no controll over my own face. i just sat in the back until we arived at our home school. when we got to our school me and my friend parted and i climbed into my grandmas underwater submering. she pushed on the gas pedle and i felt as though i had been lurged through some turbulence in a jet plane. i laughed my ass off. they ask me whats so funny and i said i dont know. which didn't sound any beter. when i arrived home i decided that that day had been the best day of my live, and to this di i dont know if we finished the drawing or not.

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