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good/bad trip

Around last christmas my friend and i decided to try mushrooms.

Around last christmas my friend and i decided to try mushrooms. I had taken only about 2 grams and waited an hour and nothing happend so i too 2 or 3 more. Now i realize this is a pretty small dose, but my friend and i both agree the trip was intense. after a while i started to feel a little different. it felt as if i was going to hit my head on the ceiling. when i crossed my arms it felt like they were in knots. we just sat there tripping for a while and it was pretty cool. i noticed all of the posters in the room seemed to be breathing and the walls had ripples on them like water. After a while we went upstairs and by then the trip was starting to get intense. I remember thinking my shadow was liquid and it frightened me but in a good way. when my friend moved his arms i saw tracers and when he moved his whole body it seemed as if he was going in fast motion but in a dreamy sort of way(it is hard to describe) then i looked up and the ceiling seemed to be dripping on be. Then we we went downstairs and put on some grateful dead. at this point my trip was awesome. the music seemed really happy and there where colors everywhere. I kept hearing popping noises and ripple like sounds. It felt really dreamy and blissful. during this period my friend seemed to be scared so he turned of the music and put on star wars. after a few moments he started throwing up ALOT! he ran up stairs and at that moment i started freaking out. I ran up stairs and started drinking milk because i heard it kills the effects. no matter how much i gulped the milk i would look into the glass and it would all still be there. By this time me and my friend were panicing. I was really scared of everything and I really wanted to sober up. I was absolutly convimced that I was going to die. My friend tried to calm me down but because he was also experiencing this horrible trip i didn't trust him, infact he scared the hell out of me! after a while we decided to lay down and wait out the trip. we where watching tv and everthing on tv was scary. For hours i layed on that couch in the most uncomfortable, horrible state that i have ever been in. I seemed to leave my body several times in a scary way and I constantly had to remind myself where i was and what was really happening. Several times i got up to go to the bathroom and to check my dialated pupils, and at one point no matter how i tried i couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. eventually the trip slowly wore off. that whole night my heart was beating 100 miles an hour and i didn't fall asleep once. I never want to do mushrooms again because i am afraid the whole bad trip might happen again.

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