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Drugs taken: about 1.

Drugs taken: about 1.25g ground psilocybe (homegrown) and 2.5g ground syrian rue seeds.

I ate the seeds first, stuffed them in capsules and swallowed them down. I took the powdered shrooms, mixed with Tropicana Pure Premium OJ about an hour later.

The first hour or so seemed pretty normal. I felt myself coming up slowly. There was considerably more nausea than just taking the shrooms alone.

Then it got stronger. A LOT stronger. I was expecting around a 2.5g mushroom trip, seeing as how taking an MAOI is supposed to double your trip.

But this was much more. Much, much more.

At about two hours in the trip, I was on the brink of insanity. Amazingly, I was driving in my car on the way to some botanical gardens. When I got there, it was closed. It was only a couple miles to get back home. But I was waaay to messed up to drive, so I had to call a roommate to pick me up from a gas station.

Let me just say that experience was mind-blowing. I've eaten shrooms quite often, up to about 4g, but this just jarred me.

I found myself going on soaring emotional highs, with amazing euphoria I have never experienced on shrooms alone. At times it definitely felt that I was on MDMA. The trip was a lot speedier and more "in your face" then shrooms alone. I felt like I had rediscoverd shrooms all over again.

I started peaking when I got home. Most of this time was spend lying in my mind, simply losing myself in my thoughts. I couldn't stop thinking. Shit was nuts. I was yelling things to myself. I was having wonderful moments of zen. But then I started to flip out. Well, kind of. I was flipping out, yet I was consciouly aware that I was flipping out. My emotions were all out of whack. One moment I was telling myself I'd never do this again. Another moment I was the center of the universe. The visuals were amazing.

After my 2hr peak, I started to come down gradually. I got to my computer and started typing. I was amazed at how clear my mind was, and how well I was able to articulate, despite tripping hard. This is something I have never felt on shrooms alone.

In retrospect, I wish I had done some more research on the Shroom/MAOI combination. It is not a simple "doubling" effect. It is an amazing experience, but you MUST be ready for the intensity. It's not just shrooms. I felt like I had opened up some new gateway in my brain, similar to how I felt the first time I tripped.

So be warned. This is some INTENSE shit. And I had only eaten 1.25g of shrooms. Had I taken anymore, I don't want to think of what would have happened.

Shrooms and MAOI's .. proceed with EXTREME caution. I wish I would have found a trip report like this before I tried this. I learned the hard way. WATCH OUT.


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