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Space change

This trip is about my friend and i who decided to take a trip one night after we came home froma party about 1:30.

This trip is about my friend and i who decided to take a trip one night after we came home froma party about 1:30.

WE picked up about 4 pills of shrooms that my freind makes himself from using capsules.

we eventualy swallowed them and we sat on out lounge watching TV when i sarted noticing the effects about 20 to 30 minutes later ...to me everything sounded like an echo but my freind didnt say anything, we shortly had a few cones froma our bong and the time was about 2:20 because i remember checking the time on the clock on the wall..
i new the trip had begun. The TV was just a mare box that stood out and made noises which i could not comprehend. i thought i was melted into my couch as everything started morphing and speaking to me in singing voices.. i glanced to the right and my freind DANNY who was just sitting there rubbing is hand against the sofa.. telling it to be quite
i new we had taken some strong shit.. i didnt feel like i was at home anymore because i couldnt recodnise anything in the room.. eveything seemed to to warp and crystelise into water or shiny substances! i couldnt help laugh ..but soon afterwards i thiought i was ina forest.
my freind suddenly asked me what i wanted ...i said what and he didnty reply just stood up and said hes " im not sure" and he just started walking fowrwood towards the mirror hich i think it was. my arms felt soft and cold like icecr3eam and i told myself i was just helucinating and that my hands were normal ...but they didnt look like it soon after wardds i heard the music go on in my bedroom and i new it was danny playing aroubnd with... the TV room started to breath and warp into waves and i thought i was looking at SOUND WAVES as they travelled through the room vibrating at every moment the song beats were penertrarting me body and i new i was realy realy going through a space change. i felt like i was in a capsule and that everything outside was space and the stars travveled through space with my house floating onwards

after that i conked out and i cant remmber anything else but my freind said that his trip was simmilar and that he said he felt like he was in the xfiles becuase he went out side after the music went on becuase now he tells me he put xfiles on the techno remix

well tyhat my story pretty shit but thats all i can remmeber

cyas till next time


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