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3D man in a 2D world

About 10 years ago, me and 3 other friends decided to score some shrooms.

About 10 years ago, me and 3 other friends decided to score some shrooms. All of us had experience with hallucinogens, with about 30 trips worth of experience among the four of us (for purposes and intent of this description, I'd tripped 7 times prior to that with acid accounting for the first 5 trips.) So anyways, we hop in the car and head up to Cyprus Provincial Park on the Bruce Peninsula (now an international UNESCO protected site -- due to the unique landforms and flora and fauna located there -- really weird rock formations, caves, cliffs and the like, on the shores of Georgian Bay in Canada, a great and trippy place to visit even if you haven't dosed.

So anyways we get there and take about 6 shrooms each and go through the acceleration phase (nauseau, body buzzing) without incident. After about an hour or so I started getting some serious visuals. The water was calm that day and looked exactly like someone had unrolled a huge piece of Saran Wrap where the water was. I was constantly tempted to poke my finger through it -- I think I went through a phase of repetitive motion of doing such, and kept wishing I had a huge knife so that I could rip the whole bay wide open to see what was underneath. Of course intermixed with this was the standard visual fare -- tracers, beepers (alot of birds there cawing and such caused visual "explosions"), and an overall shift of perception to a bluish hue. So anyways, I think I stared at the water for well over an hour (but it could've been 5 minutes) and it was unlike any water I'd ever experienced. After a bit of that I started dislocating from myself (something that only had happened once before) and I remember it was a pleasant feeling, but the weirdest thing was that I felt as though I'd been transplanted into my friends body. I remember saying out loud, "Holy fuck...all this time I've been Todd". At the time it was the strangest feeling I'd ever felt. I mean losing all your own personal identity and assuming that of someone else. That lasted for about 10 minutes (but it could've been a couple of hours). Since we took the shrooms at about 5pm, by this time it was getting dark. We were all wearing white T-shirts and I remember these were glowing so hard, they seemed to give off a light of their own. I also remember the sky, trees, rocks at this point looking flat (all 3-D perception had vanished). I remember wanting to poke my hands. Alot of other things happened, but they weren't anything out of the ordinary. Typical eyeball movies and the like.

--peace and pot

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