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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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It all started on my 18th birthday of this year.

It all started on my 18th birthday of this year. I had done shrooms... I guess, when I was 16. But it wasn't nearly as trippy as this time.. I might say. my last time.
I had a couple of friends over to hang out, basically get drunk and stoned out of our minds. Well my Parents were out of town in Florida,Long way from Ohio so I absolutley knew there was no way they would get back in the course of at least 24 hours.

So the party's bumpin. right. Everyone is drunk and high off their ass. I drunk a little and had a bit of a buzz going. I have heard it's dangerous to do shrooms while drunk. Well technically, I wasn't drunk. So afterwards, My guy friend suggested me and 3 other friends head up to this really cool place. He had a ''birthday present for me'' of course I had no clue what it could have been.

So we drive out of the city into the Boonies.( Its ohio) so he drags us to this farm. Actually to be more specific, a Dairy Farm. With cows and hens and horses. it was cool. This guy (a farmer) is waiting for us. He's in his mid-twenties.. gorgeous!! anyway, they presented my birthday present for me. Shrooms. so I get excited, I mean I haven't tried these things for a while.I don't know the fancy word for them but there were red ones and greyish blue flat ones. So eveyone starts munchin' away, It got in my teeth but with the help of some heavy duty blades of grass, I successfully removed them.

I didn't remember it taking so long last time. So we all ( 5 of us) just lay out in the open field and stared into the cool cloudless night talking to each other and wishing upon stars. It must have been an hour before it finally started kicking in. My heart beated so fast I wasn't sure if this was suppose to happen. But everyone calmed me down and told me it would be ok. sure enough my heart rate eased and I got ready for the trip of a life time.

I must admit it started out scary. The grass turned into slithery snake-like green creatures. They were beautiful though and made noises,like dipping your hand in a vase of vasoline. If you know what I mean. I saw UFO's, flying amongst me. so I got up and ran after one. It's light was terribly blinding and I sheilded myself from it.The doors opened ajar.I walked in laughing but nothing was there. It was like a small room made out of shiny metallic fibers. Soon I began to rise. I sat down on the floor of the vehicle and closed my eyes. The sound of my fathers voice calling out my name echoed in my ear. It was soothing. My father died when I was 12 years old in a drunk driving accident. I loved my father more than anyone or anything in the world.He told me, he would take me to his world where I could be happy with him forever. I willingly let him. Only when I opened my eyes everything was red, A bright fiery red. Maybe Hell?. No.It was a flash from the opening door. I felt as though I had lost complete lost in all my bodily functions. I was basically paralyzed. I could move nothing, Not my arms or legs or head. I couldn't swallow my saliva. Soon I could feel myself drooling.

I lay as a motionless figure as my father guided me through his world of beautiful rainbow colored slashes that raced through the pitch black sky. There were people too. Some I noticed. Some I didn't. All were dead people I knew from the past. Eveyone's face turned ugly and melted away, even my fathers. They gurlgled some words I could not comprehend.
Still I was motionless and trying to gain control of my body. I literally forced my limp hand to grasp to the next flying rainbow that flew towards me. Doing so I flew out into the distant going who knows where.?

All I could think was I was alone. The wind was so strong. The drool was literally washing my face. I was flying. Flying. Flying,into oblivion. soon all the others racing rainbows disappeared and It was just me on my racing rainbow agaisnt the black sky... It seemed to lastforever

Next thing I remember, Daylight. I was eating Rasin brand crunch in this Farmers home and everyone had the face of my father. They were all smiling at me. I screamed out. Then it was all normal.Everyone had their face back.

I cried for the longest time.I don't think I want to ever re-live that expirence again.

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