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Supersonic Journy

Becouse I go to school in amsterdam (i live in another town) I had to buy a video on monday for a friend at a shop there.

Becouse I go to school in amsterdam (i live in another town) I had to buy a video on monday for a friend at a shop there. Too bad the video wasnt suiteble for dutch video systems I called him to bring him this message and so he asked if I could bye some shrooms for him, at that moment I decided I wanted to trip to so I went to buy for us two (3 grams per person).
I went to my home to get some weed and then straight to his home. He had to cleas his room and I rolled a joint for later and after some time we finally could eat the shrooms.
After we had eaten them we went to play some soldier of fortune, and or course this wasnt a smart idea. We got confused of the level and eventually the computer crashed so we quit the game and went to his room to watch some tv. But then the remote control didnt work so we put on some music, but then the cd hung. So we just started to wait for the trip to really kick in.

We started to talk about some shit and we felt really great, and steven reminded me of the joint I rolled so I we started to smoke it. The smoking lasted forever couse all the time I forget the joint. After some time everything just became too much fun. I was feeling happy in an extreme way wich was just too much and I totally didnt like it anymore.
I started to trip on my thoughts wich I didnt like couse then I always go a little crazy, but I couldnt help it. I was talking about my thoughts in a weird way and steven didnt understand me, he wasnt really tripping hard yet it seemed. I totally went crazy. First I was trying to get to some thoughts becouse I liked them, and later I was trying to avoid thoughts wich I didnt like. This kept repeating and I didnt realize that I was in the middle of the thoughts I was trying to avoid.

Steven reminded me I had some more weed left so I went to try to roll a joint. First I kept forgetting to roll the joint. When I was getting the weed I dropped it on the bed and this got me totally confused. I tried to pick up all the weed but it just spread more and more and it seemed to get more compicated as I tried to get everything together. Things went from one to another and I had the strangest hallucinations. Everything was mixed, thoughts and hallus, and the room turned into a tunnel where I went through really fast. It also seemed as if everything was echoing.
I started to think about time (again) and this just got me even more crazy. I totally didnt understand what time was.

It seemed as if my whole body was mixed up and stuff.
I was alsolooking at a poster and the creatures on it started to move and look at me. Also another poster started to float away and left traces.
I closed my eyes once and I saw the weirdest things. Weird tunneling things in 3d and cool colors. Then I asked if you steven also saw things when he closed his eyes, but then he said you dont see anything with your eyes closed and I was like 'o yeah, forgot that' and didnt look anymore.
I got totally dilusional and thought that my whole excistence and everything was just my illusions and forgot i was tripping. I thought that everything was so fucked up becouse my world was falling apart. I wanted to make an end to my excistence by throwing out energy. I yelled, spit out gum and food, throwed with my mobile phone and stuff. I tried to rip my hand of and thought it was already half torn off my arm becouse I had a misterieus cut (I still dont know how it got there). I also bend a cd and was walking around a lot.
The way out of my illusionary world was really fucked up. Everytime I thought I was out of it I came in a new, slightly differen world. The room I was in just changed constantly.
Later me and steven got the idea that we had become eachother. Everything he said I was supposed to say and visa versa. It was so insane. Later came to the conclusion that he also a part of my illusions so he was only in my thoughts.
I also became other persons that I knew and this was so insane

Becouse it was so fucked up steven put on the tv, but I didnt like this. First we watched tom green and everytime the audience was laughing I thought something was right. Later jerry springer was on and the only thing I thought was why the hell I was seeing this. On the tv we also saw memories and this made me even more convinced my world was falling apart.
When the trip was finally ending, I still had the insane idea that my whole world was fake. I didnt even know what we had done in the last few hours. I left totally confused and when I was a the bus stop I finally realized what had happend and that it was just a trip.

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