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Situation : My parents were on a holiday in Spain for 2 weeks So: Me and 2 friends(Michael and Jan) had a whole house for ourselves for trippin’.

Situation : My parents were on a holiday in Spain for 2 weeks

So: Me and 2 friends(Michael and Jan) had a whole house for ourselves for trippin’.

It was the first time shrooming for the three of us. But I ‘d read a lot about it(thanks to your site). We ate each about 2 grams dried I-don’t-remember-what kind-of-shrooms at 10:15pm.

For killing the time until the trip began, we all started rolling (and smoking of course) joints. After like half an hour I began to see the wall moving, like it was alive. Michael and I looked at eachother and we both began to laugh, REAL hard. He was seeing it too. We were both thinking; this is going to be a great evening.

In the mean time Jan had dissappeared, I know he said he was going to do something but I really couldn’t remember where he went. Michael counld’t eather. We just fucking lost him. He wasn’t in the house anymore.

After about an hour after we ate the shrooms Jan came back. He called at Michaels cellphone, very confused and he said he was coming back to my place. Michael and I went outside and we saw Jan walking. Shit! Ever seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Well, Jan was walking just the same as those 2 guys were after they sniffed Ether. JUST THE SAME, and it was not a hallicunation. He couldn’t remember why he left and where he went.

When we were back inside, I began to see very strong hallicunations, very bright colors, purple, green, blue at the left and right of my sightrange. And everything was so fucking funny. Faces were really strange and blurry. Jan’s coat was lying in the couch and I saw it morphing in a dog and back in a coat, dog, coat, dog, coat.

At that moment the doorbell rang, I immediately began to freak out. “ Shit, shit, shiiiit. Who can that be? Cops? Parents? “ I really was in panic

Michael opened the door, he was not tripping so hard. It were 2 friends of mine. B. an C.. Not really friends, but more like ‘friends as long as I have weed’. They just came to smoke a joint and drink my coke.
I was getting very pissed at these unwanted visitors. To make things worse, they were also began to act very annoying, really annoying.
Suddenly B. accidently dropped his glass of coke on my carpet.
I freaked out again: MY FUCKING CARPET, THAT’S IT!!! I went to my room to get my baseballbat to hit those fucking bastards out of my house.
Luckily Michael warned B. and C. : “I’d better get away if I were you, I think he’s going to get his baseballbat.
When I came back with my bat I saw B. an C. running towards the front door. I ran after them. They were really afraid. I ran after them in the street, swaying the bat. Still trippin hard. suddenly I stopped and looked in the air. I can’t describe what I saw, but it was great, I kept looking at it. B and C were still running.

Then I decided to go in, it was fucking cold outside.

A few hours nothing interesting happened, just laughing at those stupid assholes, hahah, they just ran away.

But At about 4am, the trip was over, no hallicunations but I really counldn’t remember who I was. Couldn’t remember where my parents were, when they came home, nothing.
I coulndn’t remember what I had done my whole life, nothing.
Only a few things I could remember was my name, and the names of Jan and Michael. But I really couldn’t remember what the fuck they were doing at my place and what the fuck I was doing there.
I began to panic, I was afraid that this would be permanent I but after a while everything came back, I was releived.

Shrooms are the best I’ve ever tried, and I will certainly try them again



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