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Pink Floyd

I was on my roof, and there are aot of trees in my area.

I was on my roof, and there are aot of trees in my area. Well when me and my friend first ate we where down on the ground, and we had a fire, it was so fricking brite that you couldn't get but 60 feet from it...So my friend got on my roof by this time i was peaking and the fire was just so trippy, but then i heard pink floyd in the back of my head, then all of a sudden hear my friend screaming! AHHHH! So I looked up and there he is on my roof laying down with his arms in the air....YEEHAW! thats all i heard, so i went up, and sue enought he's listin to pink floyd, and he looked at me told me to sit down and lok up at my trees... He restarted the cd (The Wall), At fist i got color wavs laying down, then the tree's stared moving to the beat of the songs, another brick in the wll part 2 i started flying through the tree..WHich was cool till i crashed...LOL

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