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dancing tribe.-RB-

1 1/2 month ago.

1 1/2 month ago.

~ruwdboi~ here
hi all readers out there...enjoy
here's the facts:
1 outdoor trance party in Austria.
~8 x 10cm dried psilocybe cubensis grown in my bedroom.

i have ingested mushrooms around 10 times... and this was by far the most "busy" trip.
F,J, and I arrived at the location which was a huge 200 metre long ditch cut into a field. we walked past the main Dj stage and set up our tent near the chill out area and the food tents. we walked around and danced a bit for an hour but then i decided it was time to dose. The ditch was about 7 metres deep maybe 10 and I chose to sit halfway up one side of the ditch that was directly facing the main Dj stage. I sat with my bottle of water and as usual i got the butterflies and started to jump around and almost squeel in delight as to what would come, as i was taking my biggest dose so far. i ate. vagh. some like them but the taste of dried mushies is a hard one to tackle, especially when stuck in your teeth. i walked around for a while and they started to kick in. i felt all woozy to begin with, my arms and legs going floppy so i went back to the tent to lie down and let the shrooms come on... the visuals began in the tent with the kaleidoscope background coming into being. we were all sitting in the tent with a single oil burning lamp/candle in the middle, all the while smoking some very nice moroccan hash.
-thanks J-
when the visuals took off... everything had these immensly bright colours covering them and i found i couldn't see because i had no recognition of depth, and light/dark as everything was so bright and swirling/moving all the time. i would want my lighter and i wouldn't be able to find it even though it was within arms reach... i accepted that i couldnt find things with my eyes so i used my hands but i only ended up vainly scratching around not being able to grasp anything as if the physical presence of things was slipping away. time for the dance floor... we all clambered out of the tent and as we walked to the floor i was rolling around as we walked my arms wirling and floating around me.... a warm starry night... at the dancefloor the psychedelic trance really kicked me in... things had taken on a very technical-futuristic appearance and the people dancing around me in the thick of the dance floorlooked very weird, they had grey metallic skin with very complicated bright-techy clothing with intersecting lines..for some reason i remember being surrounded by people with bald heads, very masculine, around 6ft tall and i didnt feel one of them.. more like an outsider... but i knew in the back of my mind they were all peace loving people. i wanted to dance but it was hard as i was swaying with the sheer amount of light/color/movement my eyes were taking in..felt like some of those japanese kids who had seizures from watching lightning shoot from pikachus eyes. just too much..too fast.. lines shot from my arms and eyes all fluro coloured darting around me bending and refracting with the music... too much..j took some nice E and danced forever but F didnt have anything with him so we retired to the tent to talk.......i puked and my trip dropped some... i started to think about how could someone want to hurt another being..etc..etc..everything became pretty normal after i puked. typical mushroom "insights" and I basically had trouble expressing myself until i came off the trip...

thanks for reading


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