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Star Wars on Shrooms

STAR WARS ON MUSHROOMS Set : small appartment in Norway.


Set : small appartment in Norway.
Dose: A lot of HUGE cubensis mushrooms.
One night, some time ago I happened to eat four HUGE mushrooms of the psycedelic kind. These giant freaks had been growing in my terrarium for weeks now, these shrooms were gigantic. Having recently harvested them and just ran out of that anti-moisture stuff, there was no way I could preserve them. I had been sleeping all day and felt quite rested, so I thougt to myself "ah what the fuck, I`ll do them tonight". I chopped them up and added some OJ to make some sort of slurry to drink. I downed the repulsive tasting stuff while thinking "am I really ready for this", ha never mind,to late now. I knew I would have about half an hour before I would start slipping into insanity, so I went inside my mothers house to put some different clothes on.

Back in my little appartment (I have my own appartment at home wich is sepparate from the main house, so I dont have to worry abot waking anyone up). I popped in "return of the jedi" and proceeded to chill on my couch. It was right about when they were about to blow up Jabbas ship at the Sarlac pit. I started to feel strange, I looked down on the rug next to me and to my amazement, the hair on it started to grow (almost like a timelaps film of growing gras) "oh shit it`s starting now" I thought. I looked at the remote and it started to drive around on the rug, I shouted at it, telling it to stay still and it did :) . This is when the film got all strange and weird, Harrison Ford was all fucked up in the face, his skin were really pink and all the grooves in his face would show up real well.

I went to get some water and when I got into the bathroom i looked at this poster I normally have on my wall, it has an alien on it, the poster was gone instead there was this big green hole in the wall (the poster is really blue) whit this alien sticking out of it. The alien was all like "Yo! man whats up, youre really fucked up arent you?" I beeing in no state to argue just smiled at him while saying hello. I got my water and got down on my couch again.

The ewoks had just appeared and they were all fucked up, their faces was all messed up and I could not make out the features of them. Princess Leia looked like a zombie, her skin was all grey with all these wounds and a lot of acne all over, she looked like she had been dead for quite some time. I proceeded to close my eyes and saw these strings weawing complex patterns before my eyes, when I looked closer at a string I saw that it was made up of all these letters wich appeared like some weird alien writing, this freaked me out a bit, so I got up to get some more water.

In the bathroom I was once again greated by the alien. I drank some water and stepped out of the bathroom, suddenly there was all these laser sounds around me, it was coming from upstairs but it sounded like it was all around me. I sort of imagined this big AT-ST thing from star wars, and suddenly I had these big laser cannons where my arms should`v been, it was like som sort of cool game were I had to shoot down all the little spaceships that were flying around me. I saw this Y-wing fly around beyond the wall somewere and shot lasers at it from my arms. I managed to hit it, it went up in flames and exploded, then there was this other ship that was like diving towards me and shooting at me I shot it to and saw as it exploded before me in a brilliant fireball whit wreakage flying all over the place. At this point I realised that I was in fact standing outside the bathroom making laser sounds with my mouth and felt a little stupid doing something so silly, but it was fucking awesome :) !

When I got upstairs there was this scene with the emperor trying to turn Luke over to the dark side. The emperor was really freaking me out and my room started to look like something out of the deathstar. I had this powersupply and some other things with blinking lights on my desk, it looked like there was this big cheesy sci -fi consolle there with hundreds of blinking lights. I got the remote to try and wind past the scene as it was freaking me out, but I could not figure out how it worked and I had great difficulty remembering wich button to push. I finnaly managed to wind the tape and got to the spacebattle at the end. The most amazing thing happened, my whole room disappeared leaving only me,my couch and the tv, then this red griddpattern appeared abowe and belowe me wich streached out into the horizon. This freaked me out but I also thougt it was the coolest thing I have ever seen so I just sat there, floating on my couch in hyperspace watching star wars. All of a sudden there was this scene from the cockpit of a y-wing and I felt like I was right in there, the grid pattern began to fly past me increasingly faster and I could feel the G-forces pulling at my body. This became to much for me so I layed back and closed my eyes. I could hear the dialouge on the tv just sort of decrease in pitch and fade out, my senses gave way to intense hallucinations and I could see my thougts as they past by me.

There was fractals everywere and there was this presence there with me, it seemed like two enteties or maybe more, they were not visible to me but they informed me that they existed inbetween the information that made up the reality I lived in and that they were not real but at the same time real, sort of an virtual lifeform made up of the nothingness between information. They told me that they had created my reality as some form of joke towards me, and that they have had great fun with it. They said that the universe had no meaning and it was all a big joke, so they were all just having fun whit it. I then started thinking about what I really was, if my life were just a joke, was I one of these enteties? After some time I finnaly got to a point that I realised I had thougt the exactly same thing before. I would go trough a series of thoughts and then as if somebody pushed "reset", I would be back were I started. This freaked me out, but i thought that it would be no point freaking because i would just think the same thoughts over and over for eternity. I would lie in my room for eternity while outside there would be perpetual night as time looped on forever.

After what seemed like a lifetime I was finally back in reality watching the end of the film. The end was amazing, I felt overwelming joy in that they managed to defeat the empire I got a bit bummed out that the film was over and decided to go to bed. I barely made it to my bed and tore of all my clothes. I layed in my bed looking at my lamp over my head, talking nonsense while I felt this incredible happiness. I looked at the clock and tryed to figure out the time, but it was all fucked up and the arms were going backwards real fast. I lied in bed when all of a sudden it felt as if I was pissing all over my self (it was as if tough I were pissing fractals) this freaked me out, but as I was in no position to do anything about it I really didnt care. I got out of bed and touched the matrass with my hand. It felt like there was this big lake of piss there and my arm just sank into it (i checked later and it was completely dry :).

I went to my drawer and got out some sort of clothing but I was not able to figure out if it was a pair of pants or a sweather. I put it over my head but couldnt put it on because it had all these weird holes in it. I gave up and found my minidisk player lying on the floor. I put on the headset and tryed to push some buttons to make it work and it did. I felt like I was somewhat in touch with my normal train of thoughts when I heard the music. So I stod there butt naked in the middle of my room while I was grinning from ear to ear, happy that I was finnally on the way back to reality.

Pieces of reality started to fall back one at a time until I was able to walk into the main house to get some food without waking everybody up. It was still dark outside and when I looked at the sky it was full of planets, ufos and stars almoast cartoony looking. I got inside and made some food made some noise to but fortunately nobody woke up (dont think I could have acted completely normally at the time).

Now I was almoast completely down and very happy that I was back.

It was an amazing experience and I will do them again sometime.

Have fun and happy tripping :)

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