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LSD+Mushies=Long Day

I guess it all began innocently enough.

I guess it all began innocently enough. My friend T and I had recently scored some acid, a rare find in our tiny town. I had tripped about 4 or 5 times before this day, all on acid, all with T. We stored it in T's freezer until the right time came up. Eventually, it did. On the night before the last day of my junior year, we decided that we'd trip on that last day of school. It was only a half day, and most of the day was to be this corny field day where classes compete against each other blah blah...typical high school stuff. But because of this field day, each of my classes was only 30 min. long. Okay, on to my day...
7:45 AM-arrival at school. Upon entering, I meet up with T and we display our giddiness to one another about what's soon to happen. Fast forward to 2nd period, which I believe was English. 15 minutes through it, and it's time to drop. 3rd period, I remember being really anxious and speedy, but not by any means tripping. On to 4th period, which I had with T. We pretty much talked the entire time, but still not tripping. On to lunch, which was outside today. This began the field day "class clash" festivities. This is also where the acid kicked in. I remember eating the school's pizza that day, and part of the way through the pizza, I realized that I wasn't hungry at all! How could this be, I was starving 3 minutes ago! So I chucked the pizza, and guzzled some orange juice for a while. I remember it being a really sunny day, and when the acid had taken effect, I remember stumbling around like a drunk because the sun was seriously blurring my eyesight. Unfortunately, this is about all I remember about being outside. Soon enough, it was time to go back inside and finish the remaining 3 periods. I figured this would be easy enough, but man I really wanted to smoke some reef, but had none. Oh well. Period 5-study hall. I stared at the ceiling the entire time, losing myself in thought and in awe of the patterns forming everywhere. I remember glancing at other people and thinking, ha, these guys can't see what I'm seeing. I headed to 6th with a childish grin on my face. This was going to suck, for it was Economics. Mr. Schlitt(real name) was a real dick. He was making us work on the last day of school. But it was only a half hour. Schlitt paired everyone up in groups. My shit luck, I got paired with Rex Reimer(once again, real name) who was Mr. Popular quarterback, you know, everyone knows a guy like that. Anyway, I didn't say much, because by this time I was really losing the ability to communicate. I don't know exactly why, but good old Rexy did the assignment by himself, wrote both of our names on the paper, turned it in, and said "have a good summer, Ben!" to me, as I headed for 7th. I was tripping way too hard at this moment, and so was T, who I had found by himself laughing his ass off in a corner. I suggested we cut 7th and jet while we still could. A good plan it was. It was a beautiful day, and I had half my body out of the window on the way out to T's house in the country. When we got to T's, we noticed two things. One, we had no pot to smoke. Two, "Are you still trippin?" "Whoa! Not really, are you?" "No! What's going on!?!?" It had only been about 2 hrs. since dropping. Well shit, we thought, had we peaked already? Was this day's fun over so soon? No, no, not at all.
Time 12:30 pm. On a trip in to town to try to score some bud to maybe kick this trip back up. After pitifully only being able to purchase one joint, we were ready to leave, when I spotted a guy I knew, B. I asked B if he had any weed to sell, he said no but he'd smoke us out on a roadie. A roadie! Hells yeah. He rolled up a fat one, and just as we were headed out into the country for a smoke, B said, "Hey, you guys want to eat some shrooms?" Whoa. If ever there was anything to kick some acid back up. B gave each of us what I estimate to be about an eighth apiece. He, however had eaten a quarter a half hour earlier and was set to be really fucked in no time. After ingesting the horrid ass shrooms, and washing them down with OJ, we set out the country for our smoke. T picked a great route, for as soon as I had 2 or 3 hits, I knew I was climbing right back. Have you ever seen the backside of a Ben and Jerry's ice cream box? The colors? Well, I was staring at the sky, and that's what it looked like. I'd never seen those kind of colors in the sky. Red, blue, green swirls everywhere. So the weed had done it's job and the acid was all back. This is where I remembered the shrooms. What was I in for?
Well, after a fairly extensive roadie, and jamming to the Meat Puppets, I was tripping harder than I had all day, and was seriously starting to wonder about T's driving ability. After we'd gotten back into town, and T about rammed a telephone pole, we parked the car. A girl was in the parking lot, a friend of T's. He convinced her to drive us all around while we were all acting insane. 2 seconds into her car was probably too much for me. So much cheap perfume filled the air. And then she turned on Foxy Brown. Wow, that's some bad stuff. More than I could take. More than B could take, as he started screaming "Stop, stop right now bitch! Pull this fucker over, I'll kill!!!" It should be noted that B is very shy, doesn't usually say much at all. So we got stopped, the girl let us all out, and we got back in T's car. I don't really know what was happening right about here, and I don't really remember anything until about 8 pm when I started to feel different, like perhaps the acid was all gone...but I was definately still tripping. Hard. It was the mushies in full effect. I was feeling less reserved than normal. We all went to Wal-Mart and couldn't stop laughing at toys, kids, rednecks, etc. and eventually we got kicked out. T then decided it would be a good idea to go to some chick's house that he had only met once. She was a very, very big slut and I knew that was the only reason he was going there. I asked him what B and I would do, and he replied, "Oh shit, I forgot you guys were here" which resulted in him peeling out of the chick's driveway with her standing outside, confused. We stopped driving sometime around this point, because none of us could really do it. We just parked on a dark country road with no cars. I was jogging in place in the new shoes I'd bought the day before, and I really wanted to run. So I just took off. A couple miles? down the road, and over a hill comes a car. Whoa! Where's my fucking depth perception? Needless to say, I was really close to getting smashed. The car stops, and turns around, and I'm like, "Fuck! I'm in no position to deal with some pissed off guy" I ran farther away, and hid. Minutes later, the car creeps by real slowly and I discover it's a cop! He keeps creeping, eventually stops, pointing around with his flashlight, but keeps going, in the same direction he was coming from. Meaning he didn't even see the parked car with T and B acting like fools around it. I dash back to the car and vomit very very very fucking heavily. This was probably the peak of the entire day, as I sat and stared at my own vomit while it breathed and swirled around. Yuck. It was probably a good idea to leave right then, so we headed back to town. We didn't know it, but some carnival type thing was going on, so we checked it out. A bunch of people were tweaking that night, I thought that was funny. Then B's mom found him, and realized what he was on, got pissed, and took him home. That sucked. T and I realized we still had the one joint we had bought earlier, so we smoked and listened to the melvins and sat up and talked for probably hours as the trip dissolved. But shit, tripping from 10:30 am until 3 or 4 the next morning is a long time. I crashed until dark the next day, and woke up completely refreshed and with a new love: Mushies!

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