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way messed up.

My friends and I get about 8 grams of mushrooms, we divide it up between the 3 of us.

My friends and I get about 8 grams of mushrooms, we divide it up between the 3 of us. Since me and a pal paid, we get 3.5 grams each, and the other friend gets a gram.

I'm still in high school, and it's the last day until christmas break. At lunch, we decide to go to a friends house and do the shrooms there. We eat them (I put mine in a piece of cheese, therefore calling it a "cheese-ball".

So a half-hour later, we start feeling it. We're watching tv, then we start laughing and beating each other up with pillows.

Then we decide to go back to school. Getting there was our only problem. We were really messed up. It was snowing outside. We get to the street, and a guy pulls up. He asks us for directions, but we dont know what he's talking about because of his strong accent. We looked like fools.

So we're walking and falling, everything around is messed up. The snow flakes are weird. We get to school, and there's an assembly going on. So we go in and sit down.

They're playing a movie, and everything on screen has these green blobs all over them. Then the persons voice gets fuked up, sounding like a robot or something. People around me are all enjoying the movie, but I'm not.

Once it's done, teachers start giving small "Merry X-Mas" speeches; this one guy looks like that cartoon character Popeye, his arms are really big and his face is funny.

Then it's over. We get out of the gym, and there's smoke in the hallways. I hear a fire alarm, and everyone walking seems to be running in a panic. Of course, this is all in my imagination, there is no smoke or alarm.

I'm sitting there talking to my friends about how the movie was really messed up. He starts talking to me, and all of a sudden I can't concentrate on what he's saying. There's a whole bunch of people in the halls, and they're all talking. All I hear is them, a million voices at once. My head felt like it was going to explode. Bear in mind that as all this is going on, everything and everyone looks "weird". The lockers are bent and are "breathing". People's eyes are either too big or too small. Also, many emotions are being felt: Happy, sad, you name it, I felt it, and all at once.

SO then I'm waiting for the bus, it comes. The ride home was fuked. Again I here everyone's voice at the same time and I cant concentrate. I get home and watch some talk show about men abusing their wives, that was fuked up. At least it was in peace and quiet...

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