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Music's Infinity

This was probably the most beautiful night of my life, and I will never forget what a great time I had.

This was probably the most beautiful night of my life, and I will never forget what a great time I had. I remember being very eager the whole trip down to the concert. I had an 8th of goldcap mushrooms in my pocket and couldn't wait to mow them. I didn't know how awesome the trip would be though.

Pantera was headlining, playing with Nothingface, Soulfly, and Morbid Angel. Definately one heavy bad-ass concert that was gonna rock.

I sat in my friend Eric's pathfinder out in the parking lot while people were lining up at the building's doors waiting for them to open. It was still light out and I was debating when to take the shrooms. I wanted to make sure to trip the whole show. Then a police cruiser rolled by us and I got a little paranoid and decided I may as well do the deed now. So I mowed the whole 8th straight out of the bag. Chewed em up good and swallowed them. (I think Im one of those lucky people who don't mind the taste at all). I felt content with having all of them safely in my system, and sat back and just waited for them to hit me.

They came on surprisingly fast. It must have been like 20 minutes before I got this strong sinking feeling, and the frame of the car seemed to sort of being to bend downwards somehow. It was a really pleasant sensation.

Soon we all got out and went and stood in line. After a few minutes the first hallucinations came on. I was standing on an embankment and the ground looked like a stream flowing downwards. I smiled and glanced up at the sky. There were huge clouds and they all seemed to be billowing out like clouds from explosions. "This is gonna be great," I thought to myself.

After what seemed like forever waiting in line we got inside the arena. Everything was lit up and there were people everywhere. I almost felt sober walking in because there was so much confusion around me and I couldn't concentrate.
We went and sat down up in the left side.


Then the euphoria began, the second the lights went out.
I saw these faintly colored entities floating through the pitch black room. Like little halos of light.

Then the stage lit up, Nothingface came out and jumped right into an awesome song, "Breathe Out". It sounded incredible. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my body, I was getting so into it. My love for music was more apparent to me than ever. I loved this. The bass was thumping through my body, I could feel the intensity burning in me. The revelations flew into my mind, how all meaning in life related around this. For me anyways. How feeling and creating expression through music was what I was born to do. The force was so powerful. Nothing could touch me. I could have been killed that night and died the happiest kid in the world.

Nothingface, Soulfly, and Morbid Angel went on to play kickass sets.
When the multi-colored spotlights glided out over the huge moshpit, I saw hundreds of people just molding into each other, like the whole pit was one living, pulsating, thing. When I looked at the stage I saw the musicians limbs twisting around. The whole stage looked somewhat liquid. The freedom bird on Soulfly's banner started to possess life and fly. Somewhere along the trip I closed my eyes and got a beautiful closed eye visual of a floating pillar in greenish sky. There were pegs spiraling around it like a staircase, and a dove flying around it.

Whenever there was intermissions, and the lights came on, I would realize just how hard I was tripping. Everyone's faces around me were distorted badly. Their faces were sectioned out in patterns. As I looked over across at the other side of the arena, I saw everything moving and connecting with each other. The yellow railing looked like some sort of electrical current.

I started to come down right before Pantera was going to come on. I realized it was time to secure myself a good place in the pit and go completely fucking nuts and release all this adrenaline I had built up, and I did just that.

It seemed like pure beautiful chaos to me as I was thrashed around everywhere, and as Pantera's badass shredding ripped through the arena. I couldn't get enough of it. Whenever I get into pits I'm transformed into a machine.
I would look up one moment and be a few feet from the barriers then close my eyes feel my body being crushed and open them and be way out back, all the time flinging myself in every direction as hard as I could and head-banging until my neck would snap.

My only regret was wearing a sweatshirt into that thing. I never seem to learn my lesson. I thought I would faint from overheating before they finished but I wouldn't retreat. I stayed in their whole set and came out feeling on top of the world.

I was so tired that I instantly fell asleep when I got home.
I feel so lucky to have fathomed this brutal force known as music, and I will devote my life to it. (that night at the show me and some friends decided we had to form a band, and its starting out to be very promising)

I can't wait for Mudvayne in a few days.. Hopefully be on a bit o' shrooms to that as well. Wish me luck.

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