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The Magic Garden

Me and my friend Josh were over at my house.

Me and my friend Josh were over at my house. We were planning on camping in the woods behind my house. We were getting ready and stuff and the phone rang. It was my hook up. He wanted to know if we wanted anything i asked him what he had he said " Bud, Acid, Meth, and Shrooms". Well he rarly has shrooms and sell them $4 a gram which is cheap! Well We had Enug for 10 grams. So we got the shit and pitched our tent and what not. We poped the shrooms when we got all set up (5 grams each). After about 35 minutes we still felt nothing so we sparked a joint. After that was over we started to kinda sick. Josh was throwin up i was just luaghing at him (being high and eating shrooms). We then sat by the fire and awaited our trip! I still only felt the bud but Josh on the other hand was freakin out!
He kept pacing and talking to him self about some garden! He told me he saw a magic garden and then it hit me i was trippin as well. Soon after Josh calmed down a bit we juss chilled infront of the fire. It started changing colors and it seemed like it kept growing and growing. We Both kept blackin out then he died and i fell asleep DON'T DO SHROOMS!!!

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