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Well ive written about my first trip already but another story deserves recognition.

Well ive written about my first trip already but another story deserves recognition... Well it started in in-n-outs parking lot... chomping down the magic mushrooms, just like any other trip... but little did i know this was going to be the best experience of my teenage drug experimentation days!!!
I ate em and i waited about 20 min and popped half a pill. I didnt even think the e was going to work it was such a small dosage. so time goes by and im feeling the normal shrooms... and we decide to move locations out of a park and into a house.
So we get to the house of a friend of ours and the decoration in this house was so perfect (it looked like it hadnt been redecorated since the 60's, it couldnt of been better!)
So the music starts off with some BOB and it gets me moving. I start dancing but this was totally subconcsiouslly because I was putting no effort into dancing. The music changed and sublime started doing their thing (and they do it so wonderfully) and I swear my body turned into jello with feet. I started moving in ways I hadnt imagined... every part of me was moving to the music. Istarted getting lost in every beat all i was seeing my self as was swirling colors that had incredible rythem, all i remmeber is knowing that, that was going to be the best trip ill ever have. the feeling of perfection mixed with happiness and love, with visuals from every peice of furniture.
I know when I started dancing was when the E hit but it wasnt like I was rolling or shroomin, it was a euphoric new feeling which I havent gotten from either drug alone.
Well anyways that trip ended even thou I thought I was gonna last 4ever...
So to obtain this trip again I ate some more shrooms at a later date and popped some pills and it was WACKKK! I started trippen out bad on the shrooms on new years at some rave and then it came to a hault, and then I started rolling balls, (personally i dont like rolling anymore so I didnt want to spend my new years rolling)
So im not sure where I went wrong but if you all havent tried shrooms&E, it could be the best trip of your tripping days! or not?!

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