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Too mental !!

First time eating fresh mushies took me somewhere I did not want to be.

First time eating fresh mushies took me somewhere I did not want to be. On a sunny Saturday I obtained 35 grams of fresh PC equador and 3 grams of Syrian Rue. The Rue was taken first followed 40 minutes later by the shrooms. I had no idea what I was in for.
After watching Austin Powers for a couple of hours things started to get really weird. My mind was filled with uncontrolable thoughts racing through my mind. Very unpleasant. Kind of like an impending doom kind of thing with panic thrown in. I have no idea what I was getting mental about, stupid things really. At one point I remeber laying on my bed in the fetal position with my dog thinking that I was losing my mind. Sound was an indescribable array of words blended together that made no sense. The visuals were unbelievable but I could not enjoy them at this point. Panic had control of my mind.
After about 2 hours of freaking out I was able to decide that I needed to get out of the house and do something or I might lose it permanently. So I smoked a bowl to mellow me out a bit and climbed on my mountain bike and I was off. WOw!!! The wind in my face calmed me down and I felt so much better. The colors were alive and splattered across my field of vision like paint being thrown over my eyeballs. The trails off the cars were very long and pronounced. Pedaling took no effort as I navigated the streets with great precision. I was really enjoying myself at this point, glad to have unshackled my mind from that wicked mental trip. Now I was free and my mind was occupied with the ride.
The trip lasted from 1pm to 11pm and was intense!!! Perhaps I ate too many. Don't want to go through that again, net time I will eat less.


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