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Wild Ride....jj

The day started out slow the anticipation was building, this would be my second time shrooming.

The day started out slow the anticipation was building, this would be my second time shrooming. I was with my friends we will call them Ken, James, Tom... And me Jane.
7:00 p.m. was eating time.. it came as we drove to the top of Mt. Tam, there was a spectacular sun set while I ate and we rode to the top.
I stepped out of the car at approximatly 7:20pm where the colors were brilliant the feeling of excepting everything and knowing nothing was upon me. All was accepted, taken in, and appriciated. Waves of laughter began to consumed my body, two leaves became my friends one bright, soft, and smooth.. The other small, rough, and furry. This. was only the beginning..
8:00pm We got back in the car when I realized things started to move much slower than normal. I had my crystal ball for entertainment.. yes. I dug it out from under the seat it looked more alive than ever before. I asked Ken to hold it for me while I began slipping deeper and deeper into my own world.
8:20pm We arrive at the Beach House. Familiar faces became distorted eyeballs buldging : chins streching. As I looked at my friend James I realized he had beautiful colors eminating from his body and as I touched his "energy" it rippled through his body like water; with all the colors of the rainbow. I was exchanging energy with him and when I touched it would burst into a river of colors. We did this for days..... and days... Until the room began changing colors and the walls were breathing with life...
9:15pm James decided it was time to drive to Ken's house. This was not good for me; I was just about to have a conversation with some of the the most beautiful colored flowers I had ever seen. They were reaching out for me and I swore I could see them growing. Then they whispered to me I could "walk on us", when I took my first step I found myself in the flowers , I had fallen and squished a small portion of flowers; Ken bent down to pick them up and I told him they were fine, they told me so....
10:15pm James and Tom had left. Ken coaxed me out the gate to my car. When I felt compelled to give it a big hug; and tell it I understood why it needed all its car fluids. Then it told me it was going to take me for a ride... So I told Ken to get in... Crystal ball in hand I sunk into the seat and began feeling like I was watching myself I was no longer in my body. I touched my knee...? was it my knee? I just didn't know..... The music I was hearing had strang words I had never heard before.. though the CD in the player was one of my favorite CDs.... As I looked at Ken I reached out with my index finger which disappeared into his cheek. My crystal ball sank into the clock.... I began to sway to the strang words. I kept asking the car: "Why aren't you taking us to Tom!!" (who had left 15minutes prior in James's car)... The car ride lasted weeks we kept driving in circles we drove everywhere I had ever driven but it wasn't Ken's fault becuse THE car was taking us for a ride....
11:00pm Weeks later, we arrived at Ken's house I was worried about Tom (my boyfriend) who had eaten shrooms at the same time I had. I ran full speed into Ken's house. When I entered the house was breathing the wood grains ran like rivers into the floor. As I saw Tom I knew he was having a bad trip but all I could say was "You look like a monkey." Then I sank into the floor I seeped into the center of the earth before someone lifted me off the floor. People had arrived.. Or had they? I didn't know if it was in my head or not! When someone told me you need to go with Tom he needs you......
11:45pm I was pulled down into Ken's bedroom by Tom, I thought we had died together and I layed there for years with the house breathing, the clock spinning, felling sick, and (I believe I had heard every sound I had ever listened to in my entire life that night in Ken's room...)
1:00am I abruptly stand up, feeling nauseous I walk up stairs where I find Ken, James, and Tom sitting starring at me with a look of worry and curiosity... all I could say was "I thought I was dead.." We sat laughing about Tom and my experiences, it was over... My trip may have been over but I will continue to think about that night, my night for days, weeks, maybe even years to come....
I later found out that Tom thought he had eaten his hand and then exposed himself or (stripped) in front of all of our friends. Of course this never happened; but he had come up stairs a few minutes before I had and appologized to everyone when he found out (it was all in his head).
So this is what I leave you with: Your mind yes, is a powerful thing. Shrooms will open the door but how deep will you go?

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