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To hell and heaven!

First I should tell you that I have taken this stuff a couple of times before, but not many.

First I should tell you that I have taken this stuff a couple of times before, but not many...
My first trip was a level 1 whith only 3 shrooms of cubensis Amazonian strain.
A guy in Holland wanted me and my friend to sell these things in Norway. And of course we got a sample of it.

So I downed some and it was VERY plesurable!
We bought a spore-syringe and made our own shrooms in three weeks and after some more experiments I decided to go all the way whith 10 shrooms!

My friend Jim and me(Rodney) figured that he should be sober this night...
As usual I noticed a uncontolable laughing sensation whithin 20 minutes and thought to myself that this was gonna be cool!
I turned on the telly but could not understand any of it, so I turned on some music instead. Portishead if I remember correctly.

DO NOT put on sad music when tripping! Also I forgot to turn of the TV and it became even more confusing when Thomas came walking in the door... (another friend)
He had heard that I was tripping and wanted to come and see...
I ended up biting my toenails whishing the trip could end whith Jim and Thomas chatting, TV on and Portishead in the background!
The voices sounded familiar but I could not get a grip on what was said, nor could i bring myself to say something to make it stop!
I got to the kitchen to eat something and get away from everything, but the bread tasted like sweat and rubber! Yuck!

Then i sneaked into my bedroom and lay there stiff in panic, draining sweat... They took the hint and decided to leave me alone.
And now it seemed that the cars on the road outside was racing inside my head!!! ANGST! A terrifying experience i tell you!

I can not tell you how long i was paniking, but in retrospect it cold not have been for more then an hour. Thing calmed down eventually and I was able to get under my blanket which was an enourmous comfort!
Beautiful music came from nowhere (tv and stereo turned off at this point) and I saw a green medow boasting whith shrooms.
Some shaped like male genitals (I'm not gay, not that theres anything wrong whith it :) Rainbows and fluffy flying seeds from flowers filled my view. The music turned to a soulcaressing feel, like Robert Miles only infinite better!
It was I was in this lovely alternate universe and I saw the meaning of it all!

The meaning of life was simply to eat shrooms and experience this!
This conclution led me to belive that since I was the only one on the planet who knew this, I must also be GOD!
Strange thing that; being the ultimate master of the universe :D

I had golden shimmering lines of power stretching from my fingertips to anything and everything in the world... Somehow I decided to use my cellular to call my friends to say that I was GOD and allright whith it! Strange thing he believed me :D

The trip kinda wore off and I spendt the last hour of it in the mirror laughing at the troll-like faces my reflection made...
Then my parents came home and I was back on dull earth.

So you really CAN turn a bad trip! But I must let you know that I never ate shrooms again. The Bad side of the trip was just too terrifying...


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