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maybe the last

hey friends Let just start by saying thanks for the site it is the absolute best shroom info site on the web.

hey friends

Let just start by saying thanks for the site it is the absolute best shroom info site on the web. i have had a lot of experience with shrooms. I was a dealer for about 6 months. A lot of time i would eat to many and not make any money so i stepped to the other side of the deal. Thursday a was blessed with one Oz. of very white and soft shrooms. It was gonna be a great weekend. i had a ticket to tool on friday and rockstock on saturday. Friday was great i wanted a mild shroom so i could enjoy the show. I did at about a level 2 right where i wanted to be. Great night. Saturday started when i woke up around 6am to info on trip toy and info. There was six people at my house going to the show. Three first timers and two that tripped twice. The first thing i did is prepares a large breakfasr and explained to them this would be the last meal of the day except snacks. We left for the show. I stopped at a gas station and bought ten packs Vit C. It was our snacks all day. It started at 2 p.m. I knew that i would not have a good time there because i didnt like any bands there. It ended at 10 p.m. I was pretty much running to the car to eat these mushrooms. At 11 p.m. We all consumed about 2.5 grams(except me I ate about 3 grams). By the time we got home i seen the moon was starting to lose it's definate edges. Like it was quvering. And a slight color change was happening. We took a long walk. It was a prefect night the trip was very clean. We then returned home. I popped in Alice in wonderland. The five people with me looked at me like i was crazy. But soon they were amazed. The room started to breathe i was headed for a peak. I could tell everyone else was already there. It was perfect. Just as the trial began in the movies we were all in awe of our surroundings. The ceiling started to ripple though like a snake. I closed my eyes to, as i like to call it watch cartoons. and it was the most unreal thing i have ever seen. Like being in a computer generated movie a giant wall of tie-died mushrooms appears for miles at seems. Then it started to swirl into a funnel seeming pulling me into it head first and landing on an iron horse riding though a bright blue field. The trip got harder and harder I was at a level 4 for about an hour and a half. I started to get worried because i had never tripped that hard for that long. For some stupid reason I thought i would try to sleep some of it off. As soon as I hit the bed it was like a soft cloud. It felt unreal. As soon as I closed my eyes my trip went from fun comfortable to a wild sudistic trip. That comfortable cloud turn into a really soft castket. I seen blood and horror like never before. The strange part was that it didnt really bother to much. I told myself I control my trip. And I did just that. I just let go. I stopped trying to block out the blood ans gore and just let my body go. It was still very intence but getting to be very draining. I woke up and came back to my sences about 30 minutes later and decided to get water to help my bodied fight to poison. The water was very cold. I felt it rush though my body like a stream. I then went back to bed and tripped for about and hour more for a total of five hours. I dont know if i want trip again. If I do not that hard

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