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Journy into Darkness

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i rate this trip as a 4 cause i could sstill grasp reality but it very much resembles a 5

notes on me-120 lbs 5'7 17 years old - 5 years of lsd-mushroom-dmt-mescalin experience(drug of choice never really stoped unless there a dry spill in seattle where i dwell)

anyways i consumed probley 2-3 grams Psilocybe cubensis a ussual for me another reason why i dont get this happened some people will describe this as an intence bad trip but i dont look at it that way at all

well about a half hour after ingestion sitting in my living room all the colors dimed and everything had a demonic glow on it when the visuals started kickin hard all of a sudden infront of me i had a egyption type statue heads infront of me which overwhelmed me so i cloexd my eyes re-opening them hopeing for a nnew visual pattern and what did i get mummys coming out of my ceiling things touching me from behind a earie lola-bye in my head this completely overwhelmed me the visual where clear see through images which ussually lets you know they are fake but for some reason this experience being a mass hallucionation tottaly slipped my mind and i took for the street having to get out of my house when i waas leaving my dog was barking very loudly and remembering stories of dogs beuiing able to see ghosts and start barking at thin air came to my head and this really made kme leave furthure and furthure i walked down the north seattle blocks every block had a new surprise of visual and fear and in some ways storyline which is crazy because the story line started making me more fearful of the streets then the ghosts and spirits in my house so i started on a very fast opace back but by the time i got back i got use to it calmed down alot and was on a normal lsd like experience

note never eat mushrooms on a empty stommach unless you dont love insanty like i do even know how fearful i was it was still fun like a crazy emotionless lucid nightmare

thx for reading all

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