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crazy night

This night began with 6 of us in my garage contemplating whether to take the shrooms or not(we had a total of 3 eighthes).

This night began with 6 of us in my garage contemplating whether to take the shrooms or not(we had a total of 3 eighthes).So we decide fuck it lets do it so we stuck them in some yogurt and each had a half eighth. so we sat around 15 min pass so we think it was bummer we gave it another 15 min so we started hitting some b loads then out of the blue i start to feel aggression taking over my body like never before i look around and everything gets on my nerves but that feeling came and went so i start talking with my buds and as i go to hit another b load out of nowhere i start bitting the b so everyone starts laughing thinking i was making out with so i got bored then put on the wall pink Floyd movie hit the lights and on with the black light. in this room i had 1 row of neon posters which kind of darkened the mood so we decide to walk outside as i walk outside i glance at the grass which starts to spin out of control in every which direction in small circles so i light a ciggy standing next to my bud and all of a sudden he disappears but I'm still talking to him it occurred t0 me to look down and he was 2 ft tall. then my other bud sais hey look at that plane its coming towards us so i freak and take of running i actually ran 3 blocks then i stopped and looked at the light posts which were about 200 ft tall so i booked back home getting home back to the black light room we start to thought around socks it looked and felt like we were in outer space throwing around any star we could get our hand on so aw some they trailing with trails as long as my garage then we all just hit a slump and wanted it to end but it wouldn't so we gathered around each other sat down in the middle of the room and reminded each other that it was only the shrooms that were working for some reason after that day i had a much greater respect for life than i would have ever thought that i could have.

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