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holy cow man!

Well after a few days of trying to get mushrooms for a few of us guys, one night we finally got them, and we very happily and anxiously ate them at about 9 pm.

Well after a few days of trying to get mushrooms for a few of us guys, one night we finally got them, and we very happily and anxiously ate them at about 9 pm. There was six of us and we split an ounce between us, so a bit more than an eighth each. This was my second time, and for two people it was there first, and the rest of the people they had done it a few times.

About a half an hour after i started laughing a lot(i was a giggly goose,,haha) but no one else was. Never the less i was having tonnes of fun, but it was nothin compared to what was coming up. About an hour after we had ate them people were still complaining that they couldnt 'feel it' yet. So about half of the group went for a walk, and me and two other guys stayed behind. An option then became available to smoke some pot. We were excited to try pot with mush, so we took advantage of the opportunity. We each had one hoot from a plunger. After our 'sesh', we started a game of pool. After we my friend broak(the balls in the triangle) I went upstairs to get some water. When i came back down my friend was leaning over the pool table just stairing all over the room, and he said 'man,,,it just hit me'. Just at that moment I realized it had hit me too. I felt my fingers and toes feeling cold and tingly, and it slowly travelled up my arms and legs until my limbs were tingly and had a very weird(but totally awesome)sensation. It was as if i could feel the air inside my lungs and body as i was breathing it(very kool).

After that initial excitement we started to notice the visuals. The light over the pool table had different segments of glass that reflected light in kool ways. The carpet was moving and 3 dimentional images were popping out at us, and all of us were having unique hilucinations. I remember Egyptian images or somthing that were popping out(I must have watched Indiana Jones or somthin that week,,hahah). After that we went upstairs and our friends were just coming back from their walk and the first thing i heard was "whoaaa, chainlink fences our kool", and it had hit them too.

After describing visuals for some time I started thinking aobut how different 'being on mush' is,from reality. You can try to explain it to someone but in the end they just have to try it themselves. I think the pot enhanced the high of mushrooms, but I couldnt notice or feel anything that I had felt before just on pot. It was a totally different and awesomely radical experience.

The only 'bad' thing about doing mushrooms(within reason) is that the next day your stomach is sore from laughing so much. Anything you or anybody else says can be hilarious. Words that have no meaning like 'fuckety buckety' can be the funniest thing in the world. If you are in a safe environment that you want to be in, you can have the time of your life, not having a care in the world, just having the most fun you have ever had. Even if its sitting on a bench by yourself for 8 hours, you can have more fun than you could ever imagine.

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