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The Second trip..

Another journey as related by -=FELSTORM=- I think I shall tell you about my second ever trip.

Another journey as related by -=FELSTORM=-

I think I shall tell you about my second ever trip.

One that was rather short but had incredible visuals and an intense dream afterward.

It was about a month after my First Trip, I had a little over half and eight in my sack. There was this little skinny dark-assed cap looking puny runt fucker in there along with two other nice looking caps and a few stems and dust. It was after work on a Friday night, and I said "Fuckit" I chomped the little bastard and one of his friends thinking I would get a nice buzz and a few visuals for an hour or two. Hehe, thats not what the mushrrom had in mind.

A few minuits after chomping "DoomShroom", Sly gets a call to go meet a girl he knows in a city about 20 miles from us (Townsville). So we grab a fat spliff and travel down to Townsville and decide to wait at the girls workplace. We get totally blasted off the monster garbonzo we rolled, and by the time we got to Townsville, we were both _quite_ stupified.

We waited and waited and waited, for this chick to leave. I'm sitting in the passengers seat wondering if the building's courogated metal siding is actually dripping or not. Sly is getting impatient and paranoid. I'm thinking about nailing that hot honey that just got into the car next to me. I made the suggestion that we follow her, or goto the bars. Anywhere that might lend itself to a potential sportfuck.

Sly takes one look at my eyes.

"You look like you got shotgun barrels for pupils, we ain't going anywhere public."

"But I feel fine" I complained. I lied... I was so stinkin' wasted from the weed and getting even more stoned off the mushroom.

"Besides I just wanna go home" he replied "It's 11:00 and I'm hungry."

"hehe you got the MuuuunnnncCChhhieess", I taunted.

"Yeah and you don't?"

*growl* *gurgle*

"Yeah... I see your point. Lets go get somethin to eat."


So we departed to go look for food in our cannabiloid induced hunger. We eventually got our fuel tanks filled at a 24-7 Taco joint. Food, tastes sooo much better when you are soooo fucked up. I also remember almost snapping my neck gawking at one fine-looking woman and her well endowed-companions. ;)

By know I'm starting to ponder if the perma-grin and infravision is cause of the bud or the tiny ass little shroom I ate. I'm holding all my wagers on the 'shroom. We leave Townsville and head home with our stomachs filled to capacity with beef and bean burritos. Now about ten miles outside of town, my gut gets this wierd "bubbling" feeling to it. I pass it off on the burritos and hope to God nobody hung a shit in the re-fried beans. By the time we get into Hickstown (where I live), my ears were ringing like a phone off the hook and I had tunnel vison big time. I couln't hear a thing, my visual acuity was way wacked out. I was having fractals hardcore, and this odd color switch-negative type shit when everything would look like it was the opposite color of what is actually was.

Sly stopped the car in front of his apartment building. All I could do in this mass sensory overload is hold my head in my hands and rock back and forth while staring at myself from outside my body. Weird Shit I tell ya. The ringing went away after a minit, and I could hear Sly trying to talk to me. All I heard was "I think we should get inside before someone notices you flying outside your body." Thats what I heard.. not what he said. Next thing I know I'm stumbling back inside while the wallpaper in the stairwell and hallway is bulging out at me. I touched it a few times only to see it ripple like water, this amused me throughly, and I played with it for at least 15 or twenty minits. Laughing like... well like a tripping idiot, Sly eventually got me inside, where some "normality" took hold again.

It didn't last long.

I thought It would be a good idea to go take a piss as my bladder was telling me that I was at the point of pissing my pants ... I realised that I shouldn't have drank that 48oz Monster Gulp. SO I about-faced and wandered to his bathroom which was outside in the hall with the bubbly, bulgy, color-switching wallpaper. It was still bubbly, and bulgy, and it was "flowing" down the stairs now. I laughed and wandered to the shitter. I closed the door and turned the light on.

"WHEEEEE that was fun!" I laughed as I fell into the tub.

I had no balance. It was a thing of the past. I got back up... located the toilet, which was wobbling around making my aim rather interesting. After two minits of holding one hand over my eye so I had some sort of aim with my pecker, I finally let loose with what could be described as a deluge. I'm not sure how many of you listen to Adam Sandler, but on one of his Cd's he has a track with a guy taking a piss, and by the end of the track it sounds like the guy had a fire hydrant in his shorts. Well that EXACTLY what it felt like. I wondered...

"If taking a piss feels this good... whats sex like?"

"Hoo HOo Hoo hooo!, gonna hafta find that one out!"





"GOD I"M HORNEY!!!" I yelled...

Somewhere between the sheets of waterfall wallpaper I found Sly's Door, I got myself back into the flat... somehow...
Sly was watching some 3D Animation shit on TV which wasn't nearly as visually appealing as the wallpaper outside. I had warpo-vision and he looked like he was 3'4". Kinda like one of those big headed Japanese RPG characters. I settled down into the recliner, and instantly melded with the chair. I slipped into one of those, weed induced thinkaholic states where I started hyperanalyzing everthing. Only this was compounded 100 fold. This is one of the reasons why I stopped smoking grass. Goddamned shit makes me weird-out and talk to myself and get all hyper-selfconsious.

I musta sat there through 2-3 of those 3d Mindstorms animation movies. I was really tripped out on this one that had the guy from Kansas singing to some outerspace animations. It was really kewl. The guitar riffs he played have inspired me in my own guitar style. There was just "something" about it that had me entranced. A day or two afterward I was absolutly engrossed in my guitar. I think I have actually "bonded" with that thing. Anyway, I'm getting distracted from the story.

I came down at about 3am. Actually, it was more like being "dropped" than coming down gently like I usually do. The Looney Tunes "ACME Anvil of Soberness" as I call it.
After that I took my leave of my now intoxicated friend and headed for my bed about three blocks away. As I walked home the trees and plants would figet at the corners of my visual range. The outlines of cars and houses still looked a little "crisp" and shiny. As I walked into the house, I stuffed some wood into our oilbarrel heater stove, and headed carefully upstairs so I didn't wake up my Mom or my grandparents.

I hit the hay thinking, " What a weird night.." as I shook my head. I picked up my guitar and played around with it, practicing some Nirvana I had picked up earlier in the week. My guitar felt fluid... like a living thing as I played. For being "Sober" I was still getting very strong emotions and tactile feelings.

I eventually went to sleep at around 4:45, and had the most insane dreams. I dreamt I was taken to completely different planets by a "guide". I couldn't quite see what it was it always kept itself at the edges of my sight. These planets were inhabited some some really wierd looking animals. Things I cannot possibly describe using our primitive language. At point in this dream, I was not sure if it was real or not, such as was it's lucid quality. The "guide" told me that one day humans would conquer that planet and millions more like it. It was shortly after this that I saw myself riding my Dragon home and woke up at the crack of noon in a cold sweat. That by far has been my weirdest and most powerful experience with entheogens.

I am currently working on my last an most recent trip report (three years ago). I'll drop it later on this week. I'm going about making my first attempts at cultivation of mushrooms, and would enjoy any advice or help. Spore prints or syringes in paricular would be nice. I ordered two syringes from PF a week ago this day, and I'm still waiting for them.

If you want to make Kontakt with me mail me at

In peace and prosperity,


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