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Best to Worst

This all happened back in January of this year (2001).

This all happened back in January of this year (2001). I'd first like to say I'am not sure if it's a level 4 or a 3, maybe somebody could tell me. Anyway's I went over to a friends house, and brought my shrooms with me (half and oz). There was me a 3 other's, my 3 other friends had tripped before, but this was to be my first time. I was real excited all day, and the excitement continued into that night, not nervousness, just wanting to try them. I was prepared, and was told all about the effect's from my friends, and had also researched shrroms, for quite some time. We dosed at about 7:30 that night, and proceeded to go into his basement, and smoke a nice fat blunt, to mellow ourselves (as we were all very excited about the night). Well anyway's we sat and smoked, and everybody was talking about a mile a minute about shrooms, and how great they are (remember this being my first time). We went back upsatirs, and walked into my friends room, and that's when they kicked in (about 40 minutes after dosing) My friend asked me to grab him a coke out of the fridge, and I just started laughing for no reason, and also because of how good I felt. I felt amazing, my whole body was just filled with a weird mellow, confortable feeling. We all sat down and listen to Weezer, and taked about what we were feeling. My friends small room looked huge, and all his poster were just flowing off the wall's, and the music sounded as if every instrument was completly seperated from the other's, and i could pick which one to listen to. This being my first time, I was amazed, and having a great time just sitting there watching the room, and mt friends faces change and bulge. We put on Dave Matthew's (Lisener Supporter), and everthing on the screen looked 3D, as if it were all coming completly out of the tv. This is about when the weird stuff started happening. My friend got up to go to the bathroom, and was gone for what seemed like forever, which was normal thinking for the state we were in. So we looked at the clock, and 20 minutes had gone by, still a long time to take a piss. So i got up to go see what he was doing. So I go knock on the door, and say "what's taking so long". Right that second he open's the door, and say's "holy shit, how long have I been in here for, I got lost in the mirror". So we end up standing in his bathroom for at least 10 minutes talking and laughing about how the tiny bathroom look's like a large sauna. The bathroom actually felt hot, and humid, and misty. I told him I had to piss, so get out, but he would'ent let me close the door, and said that he did'ent want to be left alone in the dark hallway, (which is only about 5 step's form his bedrrom, were the other 2 guy's were). So I take a leek, the whole time laughing at myself, and how cool everything look's, and at that point the wall's started dripping, and ruuning down to the floor. I finished up, and remember my friend saying "don't get lost in the mirror". So what to i do, look in the mirror. I spent the next 10 minutes or so I think lokking at my face as it chaged into something that looked like an elf, or something along those lines. I finnaly left the bathroom, and went back into my friends room, and raved about how cool the mirror was, but they we all to afraid to try it out. We all sat down on the couch, and his bed, and but on The Beatles album Revolver, which I had brought, cause The Beatles being my favorite band, I wanted to see how the sounded while I was tripping. This is when thing's went bad. They sounde horrible, and evil, nothing like they sound sober, it was like they were trying to convey some evil brainwashing messge. My friend was sitting across the room on his bed, and was saying how he felt like he was on an island, and that the carpet was like an ocean, at this point the room felt huge, and it actually felt like he was a long way off, on his own little floating island. I then began to fell hot, like my body was filled to the top with warm water, and that I was slowly melting into the couch. I began to loose track of time, and started asking my friends, when I would come down 9wrong thing to do, as I know now) I then could not understand what time meant, or day's of the week, or were I was, and even who I was. This really made me panic, and I started to get confused and ask question's. No one could help, cause they were all fucked too. They decided to go smoke another blunt. One problem I could not make myslef walk down the stair's, I was if my mind just said no. I began to fell like I was in China or something, In a little hotel, and that it was very humid. This was weird beacuse we had the window open, and it was the middle of winter, and was very, very cold outside. So we went and smoked, and it pushed me over the edge. As I was sitting there, I would randomley flash to another room in his house, and walk around, then a second later I would be I another room. All the time this was happening, I never left the room we were smoking in. I also felt very sick, and my friends said I was just sitting there staring straight ahead. When then slowly made our way up stairs, to grab a beer for each of us. (remember I'am still in a complete daze. My friend goes into the kitchen, and comes back out to find me sprawled out in his hallway, crawling across the floor like a worm, or an insect. He said later that it looked very disturbing, and actually scared him, because of how contorted my arm's and leg's were bent, and he also said I had a look of complete terror on my face. I was then taken up to his room, and put to bed, all I remember until I feel asleep was being terrified of something, and I did'ent know what. On top of that no one would come in the room, cause they said when ever they walked in they got a very bad evil feeling off of me. The next morning I woke up, and felt great, and wanted to do them again that night, but they said wait i bit before doing it again. Which I have, and have had great experiences with shrooms since. Maybe someone could tell me if this is a level 4 or a level three. Anyway's that's about it (of my craziest trip).

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