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I Want Chicken!!

So there I was, sitting in this huge, comparatively empty dance hall, listening to some pretty good breakbeats, barely able to see with all of the smoke machines, and wondering if I'm ever going to find mushrooms that night.

So there I was, sitting in this huge, comparatively empty dance hall, listening to some pretty good breakbeats, barely able to see with all of the smoke machines, and wondering if I'm ever going to find mushrooms that night. When suddenly, from out of the thick fog, my friend comes running up to me and says he found someone who's selling for $20 an 1/8. I thought to myself "I have $20" and I jumped up and followed him outside. I jumped into this guys SUV after my friend, handed him $20, took the baggie, and, as I was leaving, the guy said to me "This will really hit your G spot." I found out later that this was an understatement.

After consuming the 1/8, I back into the dancefloor to await my flight. It took about 30 minutes before I started feeling light-headed. When I finally sat down and looked around, I realized that I was well on my way. As I was going up, I decided to wander around a bit. This got me about as far as the front doors. I felt a little intimidated by the bright flourescent lights, and very paranoid that everyone knew I was high, and that my false face of normality wasn't fooling anyone. I went into the washroom thinking I had to urinate, but when I stepped up to the urinal the feeling passed. While standing there, I was hearing strange voices that weren't saying anything coherent. Just babbling and gibberish. I decided to get out of there before someone started babbling to me directly. I went back to the outskirts of the dancefloor, met up with my friends, and sat down for a while.

Suddenly, huge questions started falling down on my brain like bombs over Berlin. They had such force that I was physically drained to the point of collapse. I couldn't hold the thoughts in my head for any reasonable length of time, and attempting to focus on one topic became so taxing that I could barely breathe. Then I made the mistake of trying to talk to my friends about them. I could only mumble, and state REALLY BIG QUESTIONS over and over. I gave that up after getting no where, and tried to focus on the visuals.

It worked. The questions subsided, and I settled down to watch the pixles, and colors, and tracers that were following everybody around. That's about when I melted. I couldn't pick myself up. I basically turned fluid and receeded towards the closed soft thing I could find. After snuggling with my hoodie for a while, and stole my friends sweater, then his girlfriends legs (they were a REAL treat) and finally I just laid on the floor, unable to move. My friend was standing over me when I got an incredible hunger for chicken. I said this to him, in a very loud and authoritative voice, "I WANT CHICKEN!!" but he just laughed, which made me laugh and cry.

When I was finally able to pick myself off the floor (with the help of my friends) I sat in a chair and watched as the dancefloor raised off the ground and into the dense fog and lights above. It stayed that way for most of the rest of the night. By the time I pried myself away from that spectacle, I found myself alone. So I went off in search of friends. I found one, and he and I went to sit in a big inner tube, me laughing my ass off, and him just bouncing around (this is important later). I then found myself having to go to the washroom again. This time, it actually worked. The tiles on the wall where moving around and forming intricate patters, and a feather on the ground caught my attention for a few moments, while it slithered around. Then I looked in the mirror for what felt like hours, but was really only a minute or so. I was snapped out of it by someone else coming in to use the facilities, and decided to leave post haste.

Since this story is getting really long, I will cut it short here. There are tons more visuals that I had, but they are difficult to explain. About when the party was going to end I realized I had lost my wallet. This put me into panic mode, for one that I am in NO condition to retrace my steps, and also, that I still did not have control over my mouth. I couldn't say anything to my friends except "I lost my wallet." I didn't find it again until the cops shut our modest little party down and turned all of us drug addled kids loose on the streets (I have never understood why they do this). I found it in the ample lighting, sitting half concealed under the inner tube. Waves of relief washed over me, almost tangibly. On the drive home, I was starting to regain control of my thoughts, but speech still confused the shit out of me. I could speak, and convay my thoughts quite well, but it felt like it wasn't me talking. It all seemed instictual, like I wasn't making the concious decision to speak, but it came out anyway. That was also the same with my driving. It was a very strange feeling. Like I was observing myself in my minds eye, with no actual control over what was happening.

All in all, this was the most intense my shroom adventures had ever gotten, and I'm hoping it will happen again, but in a more controled environment.


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