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The first time i decided to trip was on the beach at long beach island in jersey.

The first time i decided to trip was on the beach at long beach island in jersey. My friend and i had never tripped on shrooms so we figured that now would be a good time.We parked ourselves on a lifeguard stand and both ate and eighth of an ounce of shrooms. 15-20 minutes later it felt like a fog was beginning around my brain, yet all my surroundings were becoming clearer, the stars began to twinkle and for some reason they seemed very close to me.After about 40 minutes or so the trip began to become more intense, and we decided that we should try to find a place where we would not have to confront people, especially police.This was the scariest experience of my life, when we got down off the lifeguard chair, the beach suddenly seemed like it was a mile wide when in reality it was only about a fifty foot walk over the dunes to the road.No matter what we did we couldnt rationalize a safe place to go and we began to freak out.By now the trip was probably half way to the peak.We decided tht since the trip was coming on so strong that it was better to go home to the beach house and risk getting caught by my parents rather than the police.When we arrived home, my parents were sleeping, so we quietly went to our bedroom and lied down in our beds.This is when the fun began, at first we were so scared that we just wanted to go to sleep, but then we began to relax. At around 1130 or so, two hours after we took the shrooms the trip became intense. It was sointense that i lost all concept of time until 2 am.I closed my eyes and went into a dreamworld, but my mind was convincing myself that this dreamworld was real. I began to hear techno music and see neon colors and shpaes which would morph into different things.Then i began to see people in different states.I would see a beautiful girl in front of me who would suddenly morph into someting else.Every thought that was trapped in the darkest most forbidden parts of my mind came out at that moment.I thought of things that i never imagined possible.I felt like i could solve any problem in the world.I was the king of my own dreamworld. Around 2am i tried to talk to my friend about the experience, however this didnt work too well because we were stil tripping pretty hard. It was almost impossible to focus on what he was saying because my eyes would wander around the room and then i woul begin to imagine something else. We decided it was best to close our eyes and try to enjoy the rest of thetrip and that we would talk in the morning.
Even though it began as the scariest experience of my life, it turned out to be the most mind opening.I wouldnt suggest tripping in a public place where u may have to talk to people, especially the beach cuz u may have to deal with cops.Also, trip with at least one close friend, that way incase u get scared u have someone that u know and trust who can help u get back into a happier and less fearful mindset.Above all trip in a friendly relaxing environment, the beach would have been great except for the fact that we beagn to worry about cops. When u begin to worry when u trip it seems like 100 times worse thatn it really is.Just find a safeplace and bring a close friend and enjoy yourself for ^ hours or so

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