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A day at Highschool

It all started the day of sep.

It all started the day of sep. 15th 2001. I was looking for a way to take myself away from everything that was bothering me. School was getting to be a drag and i was scared about failing. On my way out the door, leaving school one of my friends came up to me and said he had hurd i was looking for a way to get out of the real world. I answered him with a gin and a hell yeah.

He said just follow me. We went to his locker and proceded to go out to his car. In the car he pulls out a ounc of Blue Shrooms. My eyes just got hudge. I gave him the money and that was that.

When i get in my posetion something like that, its all i think about. So thinking about what i had to do the next day i decided that i would take them with some pudding inthe morning before i went to school. So i woke up and did just that. I mixed them in and ate half the bag.

As u can amagin i was a little scared of what it would do to me, but there was nothing i could do now so i just carried on with my morning. By the time i arrived at school i could feel something happening and i just shrugged it off and headed to 1st hr.

I Let the kid next to me know about that i had done that morning and he wanted in on it so i sold him the other half of the O and he finished them off in class. Halfway through class i was getting really borde and i looked up at the clock and than it hit me. Bam! I couldnt read the clock. it was dead black everyone in the room just fadded away. Everything began to narrow. and I was getting all Gittery. The kid next to me for some reason was starting to feel stuff too. he began sweating a lot and would not stop tapping. The usual Paranoas set in nd i kept thing that the teaching was just staring at me as if he knew what was up.

I was getting really anchius to do something, i had to get up. So i ripped a peice of paper out and crummpled it up and decided that i would throw this away. I stood up and than the Hallucinations started to kick in. All my weight just sunk into the floor. the carped forming around my leg. The floor seemed to have grabbed on to my leg and would not let go. I was getting scared enough to scream but the kid next to me said sit down dude and explaned to me that i was stading there for at least 2 mins just looking at the ground, didnt say anything didnt do anything just staired at the ground.

Wondering if anyone else had seen me i sat down and looked around the room. Going into one of my thinking moods i just dazzed off and started to stair at nothing again. The weather out side was raining thundering. As i was staring into the lights in the celing i reolized that the room was geting smaller and i couldnt move my hands anymore. My whole body had molded together and was stuck to the place i was. The Classrooms walls began to pulsate as if that of a heart. Getting scared i tried to have th3e kid next to me Call me down but he was no where to be found. Lost in his own world of who the hell knows what. I could wake him up out of his dumb stair into nothing.
Ring Ring !!! the bell. I calmly get up and proceed to go to my next class.
ENGLISH!!!!!!!! It turns out we where watching this stupid movie, about some old people and some guy with no arm. I was feeling as though my high was wearing off and i was comming down. But as soon as the lights went off i lost myself again. I thought that i was inthe movie and i was one of the characters. There was nothing i could do. could get out of the movie.
And after that Not a damn thing happened as soon as the high hit me it was gone. Just like that Over a 2 hr period. Hit me and than was gone. But it was by far the scariest thing i have ever gone though in my life. Not being able to more Your feet and being stuck to everything, Not beiong able to controle the pointless crap that roles out of ur mouth at every chance it can. All in school.

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