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trippin on a hill

i'm not quite sure if this is the right level but here it is anyways.

i'm not quite sure if this is the right level but here it is anyways...
one weekend me and my two friends D and R decided to trip on some dried mushrooms that D had purchased earlier. instead of eating them raw which none of us could stand we cooked up some hamburgers and put them in to mask the taste. i had asked for about 3 grams but i think i got about 5 put in my burger. we all smoked a bowl or two just before walking to the park around the corner to eat our burgers.

after eating the mushburgers (which took quite awhile because of drymouth from the weed we had just smoked) we decided to walk along the beach until we got downtown. about 20 min after eating D said he felt sick and needed to sit down. i agreed and we found a bench right near a main street downtown. i started to notice a lot more ppl around and everything seemed to be waving and breathing.
i wanted to get away from all these ppl so we got up and kept walking. while walking on the sidewalk i noticed it had a really wierd pattern and the ground kept warping and moving downwards like i was walking down a hill.

after walking for hours it seemed we noticed we were in the bird sanctuary. so we climbed up a huge hill (well not really huge but it seemed like it at the time) that was close by. i sat down with D while R went to take a piss. then when i looked to my left i noticed that the hill was right behind an apartment building. which looked like it was glowing. when R came back i started to hear a noise. i asked if anyone else had heard it but thay both said no. then out of nowhere came three guys with mohawks, leatherjackets and chains. as soon as i saw them an image of some indians with similar mohawks standing on a hill flashed in my mind and i heard drum beats and chanting in the background. D explained that they were friends of his and not to worry.

i was tripping pretty hard and had the urge to piss so i went to walk to the bottom of the hill but tripped and stumbled to the bottom. pissing was very hard to do and seemed to take forever.
when i got back they were all chatting away while i was totally zoning out. i laughed every once and awhile but wasn't really listening.

the punks left to go drink or something when i looked over at R and he looked like darth vader with his black hoodie on because i couldn't see his face. there were dark clouds forming above him in the sky. i looked over at D and he reminded me of a fat luke skywalker. i looked up at the sky and thought about how life reminded me of star wars (i dunno it seemed like it at the time) when all of a sudden the sky ripped apart and everything was gone. i wasn't on the hill anymore. i was in another world. its really hard to explain what it was like. i felt the presense of another spirit. it tried to explain to me where i was and what my life was about but i didn't understand. i got the feeling that life is a test for something bigger after we die.
as i was trying to think about what was going on it all vanished and i was back on the hill. it felt like i had been been there forever but infact it was only a minute or two.

"lets go home" R said
i agreed so we left the hill. we walked around the corner of the building and all of a sudden all these lights and ppl came out of nowhere and we were back to society. we got back to D's we smoked another bowl to bring us down and talked about our trip before falling asleep.

thanks for reading my trip report. sorry about the length.
have fun tripping!!!

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