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Best Night Ever

I had 5 or 6 grams of mushrooms which I split with my friend.

I had 5 or 6 grams of mushrooms which I split with my friend. I had done it twice before, but it was my friends first time. We were at this persons house and there was a lot of people there. These people who I didnt know showed up and I started to feel very lost, it made me very uncomfortable . I felt like everyone was staring at me ( at that time, no one else was fucked up, besides me and my friend), and laughing at me, because I couldnt speak. Once they left and I was with close friends things just got better and better. We spent the whole night dancing around outside under the stars, sitting in a circle talking about life...it was absolutely incredible, nothing I say can possibly explain what it was like. I saw lots of visuals...mostly patterning, and breathing, but some very vivid colors and a few hallucinations, like seeing a cottage inthe woods which really wasnt there, and the kitchen morphing into my old house, and also I saw this kids face turn into the devil which really freaked me out. I seriously reccomend mushrooms to anyone, but make sure you are with people you trust, and are very close with. By the way, I also smoked a couple bowls that night, which may have added to it. All in all, the coming up part of the trip was a bit uncomfortable, physically and mentally, but the peak was pure bliss..much like ecstasy but 10 times better and with visuals.

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