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Crazy Hangout night

My friend Kurt and myself (Josh), have wanted to try mushrooms for a long time.

My friend Kurt and myself (Josh), have wanted to try mushrooms for a long time. Our only previous drug use was mild mj. So a kid new to my school said he could sell me some mush. We spent 20 bucks and got 4.5 grams to split between us. We decided to use them at the rec center, where alot of people we know go on fridays to chill. On the way we went to safeway and swiped 2 packs off mentos and a bottle of Visine in case we were going to smoke any bud. On the way to the Rec center we met up with 4 girls we had met 2 weeks ago when we started to go to the REc center on Fridays to hangout (Ivy, Jessica, Angela and soem other chick). 2 out of the 4 of them were hot, and the others were ok. They said they would catch up to us at the rec center, because they were going to get some candy from the corner store. So kurt and i went to the rec center (walking) and looked inside for my friend trevor and his 3 other friends. They were there so we went inside. There were some other people from my school their. Trevor said we should just drop the mush, because he wanted to stay in the pool for a little while longer.
So kurt and i went up the hill that was behind the rec center. Ivy came, and i asked her if she would mind babysitting kurt and i. She said ok. So kurt and i opened up our packages, and started to munch. The stuff tasted nasty, like ground up dry grass mixed with mouldy bread. Kurts pack had all stems, and my pack had 3 stems and a big cap. WE ate them, and Ivy and Our friends walked down the hill and then sat down for a minute. Angela set her watch for 20 minutes to see how long it would take to trip.
Ivy decided that we should walk to chapters. So we followed them. I was starting to like ivy for being soo cute and nice for babysitting us.
When we got into Chapters, the colors were so bright. Ivy said she wanted to find us a place to sit down, so we wandered into the kiddy book section, and walked into a big plastic castle. I sat down on a little thrown and kurt sat on a royal chair. A little girl came in, and i waved at her and giggled. She left the castle with a strange look. Kurt was starting to trip already, and i was feeling weird in the stomach. I stood up, and i felt like i was floating. Ivy said we should leave, so we did, then walked into petland and petted the naimals for a bit, then we left to walk back to the Rec center, and i was starting to feel euphoric. WE made it across the road, then walked into the bright lobby of the rec center, and all my friends were there. Ivy told them that we were trippin, so they were all having fun waving their arms in front of my face and trying to convince me i had boobs. This is when i started to trip balls severe. Everyone was blurry and then clear, and it felt like i was in a dream. Occasionally i would look at kurt, who was cracking up laughing at my continuous jokes. It was like you were in a cloud with weird peripheral vison. My head felt warm and light. Everyone was crouding around me and trying to freak me out and play with me. I decided that i had spent to much time in this bright atmosphere, and asked Ivy and te crew if they would come outside with me to cool off. I stumbled outside, and everyone followed me. After what seemed liek aminute but was like 2 hours, but was actually half an hour, we saw fireworks up on the hill, and someone informed me that Trevor had set them off. I was wondering towards the pretty lights like a zombie, but then soem girl said that if i went up the hill some 19 years olds would kill me. I was afraid, so i stopped. We talked a wandered some more, and someone told me that Angela wanted me bad. But she was a hoe. I actually liked Ivy, who was sexy and cute and smart and energetic.
Suddenly someone said that a girl was getting dragged up the hill to get raped, so i was instantly turned afraid yet courageous, because i didn't want that to happen, but the peopel that were going to do it were 19. I think it was just a joke, because the girl came down the hill and said they let her go. I was happy, and averyone crouded around her to protect her. We stayed outside some more, then we saw some teenagers slugging it out violently in a crowd, and i heard a teenage chick crying. The poeple at the Rec center were calling the cops, so all the teenagers split in cars. Someone mentioned that some girls brother was going to get killed, and thats where the teeneagers went.
Ivy and her friend Jessica left, and it was just Kurt and Trevor and me and trevor's friend. We started walking home. Trevor made a crack about my momma, sp i said don't fucking talk about my momma! He pulled out his bootknife and held it to my chest and said he would shank me and nail me to a propane tank and set me on fire. I was trippin so i didn't know if he was kidding or not. But we just kept walking. I asked him what was wrong and he said that his grandpa had just died, and his mom was depressed. He said he was going to the funeral tommorow.
We eventually split up, cause trevor had to go a different road to get home. So kurt and i walked back, and i could tell i was coming down major, but i still had a crazy buzz. I eventually calmed down so my mom wouldn't fidn out i was on shrooms. Kurt and i went straight home and into my room and listened to soem Korn. Then we both had a second trip for soem reason. WE were laughing histerically, and our pupils were huge. WE were having mood swings, sometimes sober, sometimes insane. this was at eleven. We had taken the shrooms about 7:30. We kept laughing and cracking jokes for about 3 more hours, then we went to bed.
7:30 to 2 the trip lasted. A 6 and a half hour trip. With many excitements. Kurt said it was way to fucked up, and he really doesn't want to try shrooms again, but i think i might do them again sometime.

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