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well i had tripped before but the shrooms werent that great at all, just had a body buzz for a few hours.

well i had tripped before but the shrooms werent that great at all, just had a body buzz for a few hours...i was totally bummed. but one night my friends came up to me and told me to try some of these shrooms they had just gotten (they were already trppin hard) so i took a few caps and some stems and about 30 to 40 min later i started to trip more than i ever have before from taking shrooms. it was AMAZING!! we decided to head back to my house since my parents were out for the weekend and i didnt even want to get out of the car when we arrived because the ride home was so awesome....the night lights in the streets as we went by would be purple then blue its really hard to describe how i felt, for once i had noticed how beautiful nature really is. well anyway that was only the beginning, when we got out of the car we all were just kinda quiet like if we said anything it would sound dumb, we sat on the porch. i just sat there looking at my dog and i looked up and across the street at my neighbors it looked as if there was a tunnel thru there yard, so i asked my bro if he saw it too and he said oh man lets go walk thru it but then we walked around our yard for a bit just exploring things like we had never seen them before. i went inside everyone else stayed outside, i sat on my couch, every light in the house was off but just the light from outside seemed so bright i couldnt stand to stare at it too long. well after about 5 or 6 hours it wore off and the sun was about to come up in 30 min so i had to get to sleep. ive taken shrooms since that night and still havent had a great experiance as i did that night :) *Rose*

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