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damaging fluorescent

This trip Occured 10/00.

This trip Occured 10/00.
I weigh 185, 6'2" 22 years old (at the time)
Dose (6.5g dried)Libs

Well one night after coming home from work I decided I wanted to eat some of my pickings, I really disklike the taste of liberty caps so I measured out 6.5 grams and put them in my coffee grinder, I then put the powder in a glass and filled with koolaid Rasberry, added shitloads of suger. Well I mangaged to drink the magic juice gagging a few times.
I then decided to go sit on the couch at watch tv, friends was on, about 20 mins after ingesting my stomache got really tense and my whole body started to vibrate and get warm. I then stood up and noticed my balance a little off and then my eye sight feeling a little tense, I then sat back down and felt the increasing power of the libs, i then started getting visuals, my carpet started growing vines and leaves and then broke into two squares and rose up in front of me, I was like "cool" I then returned my attention to the tv, I was tripping pretty hard mass visuals, the friends show i was watching kept going in to fast forward then to slow motion with the actors looking like stretched out limp aliens.
Well to my paranoia the trip kept increasing in intensity, and i started to really flip out, i started having flashes of me lying on a stretcher and doctores hovering over me then i would flash back to my room, I then started worrying and didn't feel good my heart was beating hard and fast and I couldn't even think I would try and talk to my wife but nothing came out but "The".I then started trying to take my clothes off because it felt like my whole body needed air,I wound up in the kitchen and started to get really freaked out. I was finally able to say the kitchen light is killing me, it was like my whole body was telling me that fluorescent lights are harmfull and it was damaging me. My Wife calmed me down a bit and took me outside for a walk, we started walking sort of i couldn't feel my right leg at all like it was numb, but the cold air and just feeling of openness no confinment calmed me down.
We wound up at a park and walking around it for like 4 hours till the trip leveled out and i got some actual thought process back, I just kept thinking about technology and how it seemed like my body was telling me that it kills and the natural world was really hurting. I finally came down and crashed till like noon the next day.

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