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My fun trip gone bad

I've only done shrooms once before this event and nothing really happened to me because i didnt take that much.

I've only done shrooms once before this event and nothing really happened to me because i didnt take that much. But this time i decided i wanted to experience the full trip that i have been hearing so much about. So my friend bought 1/2 oz of some really potent shrooms.We had the perfect plan, i was to stay at his house and after the football game that we were attending, would go camp out by the river in a place where not very many people go. ( We live in Montana so we have lots of places to go hide ) Anyways.. the game got over and i ate about a quarter of shrooms and he ate another quarter. we had all the preparations, wood, food (pop-rocks), and other things. Our trip started to set in as soon as we started building the fire. We built the fire under a HUGE tree which brances snaked over the rivers edge. we needed smaller pieces of wood to get the fire going so i went up the the tree and ripped off a chunk of bark. This was a bad idea because there weere ants inside the bark, like a whole colony of them, and i could feel them crawling up my hand. I screamed in horror and threw the chunk in the pit and ran around like a madman trying to get the ants off me. After i calmed down and realized there was only like 2 ants on me we sat down by the fire and enjoyed our trip. the fire was just amazing to watch, it was so beatiful, you could see the blue flames just crawling over the logs. We had the perfect spot... you could look up and see all the stars. and it was a perfect night with no clouds and the stars were very bright. The stars even seemed to be a sea.. as they looked like waves in the sky and the firelight from our campfire would just illuminate everything around us. We were having a great time and i was having a wonderful trip until we saw headlights on the dirt road. I started freaking out thinking it was a cop. but we really couldnt get caught for anything, even if he did know we were "insane". Anyways, the car drove by us thank god, but then it turned around and came back and just sat there, with the headlights pointed at us. I tried to remain calm and just sit and look at the fire. But it was just so scary. And then it left, as well as my good trip, the atmosphere changed in a split second and we were in a panic, we needed to get out of there...so we packed up our shit and left... we decided to go to town and talk to some of our sober friends ( which knew we were on shrooms) and that was a horrible idea because they were trying to trip us out and i was just totally freaked out. They were all staring at us and saying shit that made no sense, yet i tried to make some second level meaning out of what they were saying and would reply with some dumb answer, and i had no idea they were tripping me out. i couldnt stay around them long so i had to leave, my mind was scrambled with ideas and this is when the mental trip set in. i started thinking about my life, what i do in school and how i act around people, i started analyzing people and situations in school and life. I coudnt go to sleep all night because of the crazy thoughts and my friend had to go home and couldnt have anyon sleep over ( i think his parents suspected we were doing drugs) so i sat alone at home all night just thinking about the craziest shit. Like thinking what is ym purpose in this world, what is the purpose of anyone? EWhy are we here and what is love? anyways, my trip is very hard to explain but it just led to an emotional breakdown at the end of the day just because of the headlights. I think tis made me a more solem person and i have definately changed. Im not sure if the change is good or bad, but i definately have a different outlook on life.

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