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March 2000

Not sure if this is level 3 or 4, dont see that its relevant I wrote this the day after my experience, decided to see how people rate it.

Not sure if this is level 3 or 4, dont see that its relevant
I wrote this the day after my experience, decided to see how people rate it. Enjoy, Evilsmurf.
Mushroom Experience.
Saturday 18th March 2000
Ingested Approx 12 mushrooms ar 5:30, Finished eating by 6:30.
The effects where coming on by the time i had finished eating, with a general trippy feeling.
Having eaten mushrooms 3 weekends in a row previous i was not expecting a heavy trip, and was not surprised to notice the walls were not moving.
Watching neighbours surprised me as i found it not to bad, whilst on pot i could clearly see through the bad acting, whilst in this state, i enjoyed it, and say one of the actors morph into kelly's face.
Seinfiled brought on no real huge humour, and i started to talk on the net for a bit.
I started to think about how hard i was tripping, and after thinking i really wasnt, i was drawn to a suddne insight, its not how much the walls move, its how you feel, and i was feeling quite tripped out with my mind working overtime.
At 7:30, i was greated with a huge treat, 7th Heaven.
I switched of the pc and tuned in, usually i hate this christian bible bashing piece of crap, but tonight i could feel the connection.
I started to loose the story, and by about 8 i was feeling very intoxicated, looking away from the tv, i noticed the walls moving, and my general perception changed.
Somewhere around here, i was sitting in my chair, and suddenly i was zoomed out to right near the tv, this only lasted a second, and left me asking if i had just experienced this or not, it also brought on the thought of a hard trip
Soon i was only able to focus from add break to add break of the show, around 8:15, I was stunned, i was shocked, i experienced something great, i could feel the chick on tv's body, her naked body, i could sense it, but not see it, i then realized my mind was going down a pornographic highway, and i was able to feel all the delights of having a naked (fine looking) chick standing infront of you.
Then when this scene ended, i tried to recapture the sensation to no avail.
Soon my attention was changed, and i began asking myself, why is life here, why do we exist etc.
Suddenly, from no where, a White dressed man, with a grey/white beard, in a beatiful beautiful rainforest, andswered me saying "Life is life", and somehow this made every single bit of sense.
I quickly tried to go back to this place, but to no avail.
The show ended and i turned on the computer, knowing that it is annoying and impossible to use a computer whilst on mushrroms, i pushed onwards, having a very disjointed icq conversation, whilst contemplating what to do until 9:15, which i figured would be a reasonable enough time to turn my lights out (parents).
I started playing some music, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and some others, and started to groove.
I then started getting thoughts that the mushrooms were building, and the walls became even more engrosing, suddenly i came to the understanding that when i laid down in bed in darkness, i would be transported.
I eagerly set up a play list of some trance music, whilst trying to Look at some porn
This made me feel very, very dirty, and the look on the womens faces was like abusion in the process, so i quickly quit, and went to the Shroomery, to read the bb.
By now i was sick of the computer, so i started looking at the walls.
I was greated by "what my trip could be like" a voice inside me said i could have any of the greatest pleasures i ever wanted, I could have sex with any of the beatiful women i wanted, and i was shot about 20 pictures of somme absolutely stunning women that i knew (naked of course), or i could talk to this old wise man in the rainforest i had encountered before.
I was torn between these two pleasures, both brining me to the peak of laughing in joy.
I hear my mind "Go for the sex, although knowledge is important, you must experience this first, then knowledge".
After my wall focusing session i began to feel my face, and noticed that my chin was quite numb, this being an interesting experience i played with it a bit more.
Smiling i know what was to come, it was now 9:00, so i decided i had waited long enough.
I shut down the computer, go undressed to my boxers, and hopped into the bed without light.
I sat, happily staring into the few lights that were left in my room (stereo/ computer power switch) and a blue light, from which i can only imagined was a hallucenation.
I was smiling wide now, and rejoicing in darkness, when A light from my parents house came on and ruined me darkness.
This put me off a little, but no alot.
I remebered what i had been promised by the mushroom, and quickly i became aroused.
I felt long, strong and slighty rubbery, as with a past mushroom experience, i felt i was lengthened two fold, and it was easily stronger.
I began to just touch the base, running my fingers up and down the shaft slowly, and i was immersed in a world of pleasure.
I was unable to orgasm, and this made me think that i wasnt getting what i was promied.
This quickly broke into a sort of freak out, as i had experienced with my first high end mushrooms dose, of forgeting where i was, what day it was, and all the other things you basically rely on.
I then began to think of this mentor in the rainforest, but i knew inside i had wasted to much time.
I was saddened i could not talk with this mystical being for this trip.
I began to see really cool hallucenations, a box, with all the colours of a crystal flowing through it, and coming out each corner, then i saw a teacher from school, and she was smiling, and i could feel the joy, then she let a butterfly out of her hands, and i wonered at this butterly, as to why it had shown itself, and what its significance was, then the butterfly flew into the box, and i could see its reflection on each surface, then a rainbow flowed through the box following the butterfly.
Then, i could see the streets of a local town, and there was a fight, and i wondered if i was experienceing what this person was, but i looked, and on the streets was a minotaur, with human body and beast legs, and i marveled at its features.
Suddenly i was back, and opened my eyes to see a huge design sprawling infront me of my with many beatiful colours, i looked like ancient aztec painting, except repeated over and over in cool earthy colours.
I wondered at why i had never seen such colours before on previous trips.
I concluded this was my best trip EVER, and i was happy.
I sat and thought for a while, listening to the music and watching the visuals wear off.
I started moving my hand around, with the music, and i felt really in rythm for a bit.
After this, i was starting to thinking of sleep, and i started moving my hand, and each finger was a colour, blue yellow red green i think there was, and my thumb was still there, but the rest where cut off at the first joint, and only colour flowed out from above, it wasnt really bright, there, but not shining or anything.
I then got up went to the toilet, cleaned up my room a a little noticing the walls were basically normal again, and remebering my past rebilation "Its how you feel not what you see".
Then i had a mirror staring session, where i determined all my bad features, and waved of a few.
Feeling very tired, i hit the sack, and was asleep after about 10 minutes, at 1am.

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