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Its all so clear

My first time 9:30AM-wake up at my boyfriends house and drink coffee with his mom.

My first time
9:30AM-wake up at my boyfriends house and drink coffee with his mom.

10:00AM-wake up my b/f and say goodbye.

3:00pm-on the ferry with my mom.

7:00pm-arrive at our friends house.

9:15pm-took half a gram.

9:45pm-took a gram.

11:00pm-took half a gram.

???pm-i wanted to eat an orange because i read on tis site that the taste of citrus is amazing any ways i couldnt peel it so i decided just to bite through the peel!!!!well i did and it tasted great i was amazed that the peel could taste so good so i ate the orange like an apple.

12:00AM-a cop stoped us as we were on our way to get pot and i totally triped out i wasn't seeing anything yet but i was feeling the highest i'd ever felt and the cop really scared me but the people i was with who were also all high on mush got us out of that mess no thanks to me.

12:45AM-back at the house and we start passing around the pipe i take that first hoot and all of a sudden the shrooms kick in (fianally after like 3 hours of waiting)i looked at my moms glasses and i see BART SIMPSON standing there talking to homer!!!(i could hear them talking to)

???AM-i was with my mom (she was flying now to)and our to best friends and we were all trippini was sitting on the floor and looking at the couch and there was a cat on it i wanted to go see the cat. i still wasnt moving off the floor and my mom was like "jess if you want to go see the cat then just go"and i couldnt because the couch was so bright that if i walked towards it i would get lost in the light

every minute seemed like an eternity but after continuasly asking what time it was... i forgot about time all together

i went into the bathroom and put the lid down on the toilet
and put a towel on it then sat down i looked at the tiles around the tub and they were moving arodun and turing into letters and making words the only word i remember is SIXES
then i was looking at the wall and it became a secret door that was coved in very old egyptian writing. then the door opened and behind it was an ocean with dolphins they were so real

my mom moved to the brisht colored couch and it turned completly blak then it caught my attention again when to people were on it walking to through the junglethen a snake started slithering around. it was cool though because the people the jungle and all of the animals that were moving around on the couch were cartoons and were every different color that you could ever imagine and some colors you've never seen

then i laid down between twoo coffee tables (there both as long as my body exactly)and i saw a cofin around me and the lid of the coffin was down so you could not see my legs but you could see my head and upper torso because that half of the lid was open and i looked out of my coffin and saw candles every where at least 100candles (there were only two candles lit in the whole house)and then i heard my mom and our two friends talking and then i saw the priest i thought to my second self holy shit we are at our funeral
i was so freaked out so i got up out of the coffin

i sat on the couch and looked at the wall there were peoples faces they were all there at the same time and in the exact space on the wall(they were huge they went from floor to ceiling and they were about 5 feet wide) but i could see each one individually

then we all started talking and EVERY THING BECAME SO CLEAR TO ME i understood everyone and everything in the world it was so cool to just no what everyone was thinking (i could hear there thoughts)i just knew everything!!!!!it all made perfect sense to me iwas just going off saying all of these profound things and everyone there was amazed at what i was saying then they to started to get it but no one understood what i did they only got a little taste of the amazing knowledge of this wonderful universe.....BUT I GOT IT!!!!!
i stayed this way till way later..................

my mom was stareing at me then fianally said "jess oh my god your face your face is totally distoted" and when she said that my face was cut completely in half right down the center of my nose but because the blood was sticky the 2 halfs of my head stayed together and the left side started sliding down

it was really trippy but not scary at all because i new that i must ok because im still here right??

then at..

4:27AM-everyone was in bed tripping alone and i was laying in the bed (me & my mom had to share a bed) i decided i needed to get up and get a drink then ended up sitting on the kitchen floor with a big glass of juice and trippin out over everthing until...

8:00am-i went back to bed and fell asleep around 8:30am

i woke up thinking it was around 1 or 2 o'ckock pm went outto the kitchen look at the clock and it says


oh ya and thanks so much to the creaters and contributers of the shroomery all your reports and tips were really useful and VERY accurate

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