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No visuals..but fun

Me and and my friend have been trying to trip for awhile, but never seem to be able to find things due to a shortage in our town.

Me and and my friend have been trying to trip for awhile, but never seem to be able to find things due to a shortage in our town. We managed to talk to someone about getting a quarter of shrooms. They were kinda pricy but we wanted them so we paid the $70 instead of the $50 which I had been told to.

We went to my house and made some peanut butter and shroom sandwiches. Me and my friend each downed them pretty quickly. We also at a few plain to see the taste. They werent as bad as people said.

After 45 mins I only felt kinda stoned (which isnt bad) but I was hoping for more. My friend said he thought he saw the room warp and snap back. I was hoping I would see something like this soon. Then, almost as I finished that thought, the room shifted from a purple to a pink. I figured that this was good. Then, out of nowhere, I started laughing uncontrolably. I didnt even know why, but my friend was doing the exact same thing.

After laughing for awhile, we put on Pink Floyd - Ummagumma. Let me just say that this is the best CD to listen to. We were listening to it, when suddenly I had the urge to draw. We took out a notebook and drew pictures of rhinos and me and the kaisar. We drew and talked into a tape recoreder and laughed hysterically for a long time.

Then I decided we should look in a mirror. I really wanted to see just what I would look like. I went upstairs and I looked in. My face looked so solemn and sad and angry and scared and death ridden. I started to get freaked out, so I ran back to my room. My friend caught up to me cause he was having a conversation with a pumpkin.

Back in my room we talked and laughed and I watched CEVs fill my head. It was absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe it.

Then my friend opened the door real fast. I saw a vacuum across my basement and I jumped in terror. My friend explained that was the "bad" and that it would haunt me forever. So we turned on the lights, went out, and tried to make peace with it. Yes, we were talking to a vacuum cleaner.

After about 4 good hours of absolute madness and laughing it started to wear off a bit. Not to the point of reality, but I didnt feel laughy anymore. I felt more like deep in thought about life. Me and my friend had a long deep talk about life and everything. It was weird but really cool.

Eventually we fell asleep. We woke up at 12:30 the next day (or was it the same day...). We played back the tape we recorded and tried to make sense of the pictures... but it was too hard.

Hopefully next time we will get more visuals, but even without, I still had the time of my life.

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