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bloody insanity

This was my second trip.

This was my second trip. 4 grams of dried shrooms. i was going to save them for the weekend but i decided i'd just eat them now. i downed all the shrooms and went to watch tv. after about half an hour i noticed the wall was moving and the big picrure on our wall was bouncing up and down. there was also graffitti written all over everything. when i went into the bathroom to look in the mirror the colour of the wall kept changing and it ofcourse has writing all over it. when i went back upstairs i looked at the floor nd it had ripples in it like i was walking on water. i watched tv and nothing made sence at all. i couldnt understand i thing that wa son tv. everything was morphing and changing colours on tv too. although i couldnt understand the tv i watched it for hours. after awhile i got bored of that and i went to get something to eat. i picked up some uncooked broccoli from the fridge and took a big bite out of it. it didnt taste very good so i ate a few matches. those too did not tase too good. then i took a look at the ceiling. it was dripping it loked like. when i looked straight up at the ceilning it was almost orgasmic. it was like there was miles of this ceiling in my house and just looking at it overwhelmed me with sensations. then i began thinking about my life. i didnt really know who i was and i pretty much lost touch with reality and went literally insane for a few hours. all i thought about was how easy i could go around killing random people with a bloody knife and nobody could stop me. ofcourse i would never do such a thing, even in my state of mind.

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