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Crazy enlightening trip 3 Days before Graduating College in SF

Description and What I learned from this last crazy enlightening trip There are 2 parts to this.

Description and What I learned from this last crazy enlightening trip

There are 2 parts to this. The first is the Technical information based on the template from this Forum. The second is more detail about my trip and what I learned.

Mushroom Trip information:
* Description of Mindset & Setting.
I would say that my mindset was I was in a completely different universe. But all of reality was still around me. Visuals were minor, but still present (my first hallucination after 2 previous mushroom trips)
Here is the journey. I took them in a park, then walked about 1.5 miles to another park and sat and starred at the world. Then I felt sick so I found an area away from everything and puked. Never done that before, but I hear it happens sometimes. I was sitting, tripping (see below) and did something bad. The whole trip was great, and I was able to keep my composure most of the time. But for some reason I snapped, And I still can not figure out why, but I jumped up and started yelling crazy shit like “EVERYBODY SHOULD DO MUSHROOMS” and “All of you, give me all your money, its ok, I will do good with it, I am a filmmaker” and “Oh I get it now, its about the planet” or something to that affect. Luckily a great friend was around and he calmed me down after my minute of insanity (though it feels like an eternity). I didn’t take off my clothes, but apparently I did say I wanted to “be” with his dog that was there, and then lie on the ground motionless in some deep trance for about 5 seconds and let him hump me. There were a lot of people around, and a lot of dogs, seeing it were dog park. It’s very embarrassing to think about, but mostly I just laugh at it. I’m just lucky that a) I didn’t say anything to revealing (apparently I almost told everybody where I had gotten them from) and b) nobody called the cops.

During the rest of the trip I kept braking stuff because I was “in tune” with its physical property and energy (see below for more details) I also thought that I was going to depart this planet and go with my friends on a journey off of this planet. Everybody was a god to me. Then I felt my body and its disgust. The comedown was like a dream and All I could think about was the trip. I started getting depressed, but got over it by the next day.
* Details of any preparations made for the experience
I packed light and took some strawberries to eat with them. I was with a friend. I had a quesadilla about an hour before the intake. And Lots of water.
* Dosage & Timing Information
Dose was 1/8th of dried. Sorry, don’t know all the chemical names and details. Time did not exist so all times are approximate.
I took them about 230 in the after noon. Peak was oh say, 530. Come down started about 830 to midnight. Little intake of food or other drugs.
* Preparation Method
Ate them raw with Strawberries.
* Notes on any other foods or medicines that could have also played a role in your experience.
No medicines, I do smoke dope, but not during my trips.
* Approximate Body Weight, Gender, Age
About 180lbs, male, 24

What I got out of the trip:

I feel like I can see the universe out of the corner of my eye. Recently I took a good dose of mushrooms, they are supposed to have an affect on your body that some say is a natural reaction to get people not to have mushrooms because they are poisonous. But several shamanistic tribes have been known to use them during rituals such as Spirit journeys. I took them recently with that intention. I was 3 days away from finishting college in SF for Motion pictures and Television. This was to be my journey of the mind to think about life and what I really want to do with my defree. I would say that is the reason for taking them in the first place. My first time was about a year and a half ago. I sat in a room with my girlfriend and felt really strange, and very high. It was fun. Then I took them nearly a year later while dressed up and walked around San Francisco Halloween night. I felt like I could see the world and how it connects with everything. But this last tine, the 3rd time, I think I may have achieved what I was looking for, and it has completely altered my perception of reality to the point where I feel like a different person all together. The journey could be described with an exotic setting and a travel though time and space. But that is the part for me. I would rather discuss the reality I saw and how it affected me.

During the trip I felt like I could see all matter as if I was connected to it. A similar feeling as my previous connection. But this time it was a universal feeling and all physical matter around me, the air, the ground, my body, other humans, the grass, the atmosphere, the clouds and the sun and the stars. I saw it as one big block where time did not exist but merely as an event, the event of the universe. But in that world did not exist a reference of metaphysical presence. No, that was a plane somewhere else, and I felt closer to that plane then ever before. It was like that one thing in life you hope for to show you the way, a sort of divine Intervention.

Since then I cannot look at things with out thinking about their physical property down to the atoms and the strings. But I do see life as the overall ruling factor of our existence. I see matter, and energy, and life, and mind and soul. But I don’t believe in the soul so everything else is all I have to believe in. And I do. My 2 objectives now have become to have the most positive attitude about my life and my mind. The second is to have a much healthier body. I never saw my body so weak and unhealthy. I am trying to change those things. But its hard in this world, I cant help but feel guilt and sadness for the horrible things we are doing to the planet. And I hate to say it, but we are a part of this planet just as much as the plants and rocks. Sometimes it scares me that there is no hope. But mostly it scares me that there is no soul and only matter. I can’t face the fact that there is nothing metaphysical to associate my identity with. So I have formed a new theory about it, which falls in my logical way of thinking. I say that if matter and energy is all there is, then perhaps the greatest thing it wields is living organisms, making life the ultimate form of energy. Thus life is our true identity and we should embrace it and make it stronger. That is why I want to be strong and healthy. I used to be blind to this idea, but now I feel as though my eyes are open. I just need to make the change, my own independent entity of life in this sack of a human.

Some may say that I am speaking of some Buddhist idea, or I stole this from some existential novel. Well I have not read or studied enough literature and history. But from what I hear of other experiences, and my little knowledge of metaphysical ideas, religions and philosophies, I do not claim for this idea to be original. I claim for this idea to be universal. From all this I realize now that I want to learn more and teach about my experiences and the experiences and teachings of others.

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