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intensive weirdness

Night was falling and the end of the summer was very near as I headed out to the party (PEAK) nestled in the Cascade mountains of Washington state.

Night was falling and the end of the summer was very near as I headed out to the party (PEAK) nestled in the Cascade mountains of Washington state.
Getting to the party was a task a few wrong turns strayed me from the original path, and turn arounds followed. Finally I found my way, and heard the soothing beats the dj provided the groovers on top of this marvelous site.
I found a place to park, grabbed my portable cooler with a few pale ales to enjoy, and progressed to the campfire. I took a seat one of the logs, conversated with a few individuals and the word "shrooms" enter the conversation. A few minutes later I had gobbled down an 8th of kind psyclobe cubensis.
I ventured to the area before the dj, and as I begin dancing the music enveloped me and seemed to guide my every movement. Warm tingles and waves of sound flowed through my body, as I smiled intently.
After dancing I spotted a nearby ledge and proceeded to climb the structure to place myself in good view of the dj, groover, and night sky. As I sat there I begin thinking about Bob and Joe who I had dropped off in Seattle and wished they were there to enjoy this vibe with me.
I climbed down the hill clumsly, loosing my footing several times, the mushroom buzz had eliminated all sense of equalibrium I had... I procceded along the path bumping into people along the way, I sat down on a fallen tree in the darkness.
The party spot now being prolly 30 yards away I begin hearing voices... Voices telling me to get with it, stop acting like a fool... Voices saying I was a fool, nobody, unwanted, and I was a object of insult at the party. I sensed everyone looking at me, calling me names, wanting to jump me...
The panic begins.... I catch blue and red lights in my peripherial vision, the cops are hear to bust the party, telling everyone to leave, I cant move stuck to the log I now sit at. I wonder when the police are goin to handcuff me and take me to jail.... I have been setup, THATS IT...this whole party was a setup to bust me... Im goin to jail now...
I remember sitting there paralyzed with fear waiting for the cops to come put cuffs on me and take me away in my demented state...
Then all of a sudden a young woman (looking like Drew Barrymore...yum!!) came and sat down next to me and asked me if i was okay. I explained my situation to her and she looked at me oddly... NOW I KNOW she is in it too...
She then took my hand and led me back to the party... to my disbelief everyone was having a good time, no cops, no smirking, ugly faces... Jus people having a wonderful time in this enchanted spot, with the music groovin everyone.

Well I then, set back in the right mind frame, enjoyed the rest of my trip.

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