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loop on

I knew I had to be shroomin' soon because I already had some dreams about it, that always happens a couple of days before I shroom.

I knew I had to be shroomin' soon because I already had some dreams about it, that always happens a couple of days before I shroom.

So I started my day relaxed I skateboarded a little bit
went to some friends and watched a super weird movie there, and smoked some joints

I was with 2 friends, Job and Stone
When the evening came to our place we wanted to do something cool,
we didn't knew what but I had already a feeling what it was gonna be....

First let's buy some weed. I am nog 18 so I can't get my weed at the local shops, I had to go to my dealer 'MASTER'
But when I came to his house he said he didn't sell. (he has his bad days)
This is not good, so stone went to his house, maby he can get it. Negative, Job Negative too.

So I told my plan about the shrooms, they both weren't sure if they were gonna trip,
But there was nothing to do so I headed to our local smart-shop the guy who owns it doesn't give us a hard time about the age.

So we bought 2 baggy's of shrooms, we went to a big glass piramide in the neighbourhood, there Job and Stone splittet up 1 and I ate 1 baggy by mijself
they weren't as nasty as usual.

We chilled a little bit at the piramide, after a small time Job wanted to go to the garbagehill, That's a big hill made of garbage with sand and grass over it, on top of it are some lunchtables and a podium.

So we headed to te hill, we were biking around and havin fun, talkin about what we wanted to do.
When we reached the road that went to the hill we didn't know wich way we had to go, so we just picked a road
we biked and biked and there was a very dark scary place,
we stopped there and we all paniced because it was so dark there and we thought we were lost. This was a funny situation but also scary.

The hill was no more the spott, we decidet to just bike around, so we biked around at this time I felt the mushrooms only a little bit I thought I wasn't going to trip harder.

At that point a friend of us rode around in his car, when he saw us he drove to us we flipped and threw our bikes on the ground, he arrived with his big sterio in his car.
that music was so cool we danced and shouted, then he said our friends were on a petfarm with a park around it.

Let's go to them!
So we biked to them and we decidet not to tell our friends that we were shroomin' just for the fun of it.
So we arrived, smoked a fat one, but we didn't had any weed,

No worries, one of them is 18 and he's gonna get us some,
Job and I went with him, while stone stayed at the petfarm.
he was verry worried that we didn't come back.

So we got our weed, talked to some weird people who came out of the shop, they were superstoned,
here the shrooms were working only a little bit but not hard, I saw a litterbin and it looked really weird.

Biked back to Stone and 2 others at the petting zoo,
when we arrived Stone was lying on te ground I thought he was breakdancing but he was doing push ups. But I had no idea why, then Job and I looked at the moon with some clouds around it,

Woooooohw that was so cool the moon was a big ball rushing through a superbig spiral tunnel, this was the first goot hallucination I saw,
We talked a little bit when someone said he was home alone,
Bingo! let's go we arrived at his home and it was superchill, here the shrooms really started to kick in, someone turned on the television, this was cool!
the colours bursted around the living room, and there were very weird things on tv some white rasta guys with fake joints were singing 'because I got high''because I got high' 'because I got high' in dutch and it was also a techno version and it seemed very hilarious, we were laughing like idiots and didn't know what happened,

I had to go to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror, woow morphing face! It looked like there was somekind of jelly under my skin this was very funny, I looked around and there were all kinds of weird pictures about clowns and stuff I didn't know what that was doing there,

back to the living room, if I walk it lookes like I just glide throuhg the air, I fly to my chair and I see a psyco on tv who lives in a hospital, and then the camera fly's in his mouth and he comes in to another weird situation, the whole movie went like that it was the weirdest thing I've ever seen, his head was morphing and he had all kind of matrix things around his head, in that movie I saw all kinds of trippworlds that wasso cool

the shroomin' was now at his hardes't point I thought
so let's roll a fat one! I tried to roll a joint but the
people in the movie were talkin' about such stupid things that the only ting I do is laugh hilariously,

Finally the joint is twisted, let's smoke it
Some others had rolled J's to we went outside and smoked them, this is sooooowh good and so tasty.
with every hit I feel I am getting higher the patterns on everyting is getting complexer and more colourfull

I thought we were sitting here forever and time was looping and everything was a deja-vu,
I thought about my normal life,
tomorrow I everything is normal again, I didn't know how to do normal and couldn't imagine that it would ever be normal again.

Buzzzzzzzzz back to the movie, they were havin' a party and they were acting like complete idiot's. then someone came in with a big thing full of candy,
it was a big clump of long red candy-laces,
it looked like a brain, i pulled some laces of and tried to put it in mij mouth, I felt it melting away and I didn't felt it going in my throuhgt but my mouth just absorbed it,

then I thought the laces were absorbing my tongue, I felt it was very small and bloody,
I was a bit scared but then I thought, owh yea shrooms.

I switched my place in the room, now I sat next to Job,
Stone was playing the most depressing song ever on the piano

we shouted him to stop but he didn't so we made him....

We put on some music and someone had a ball,
so the 3 of us balled together in the living room, that was so cool I felt and saw there was no flour,
the flour was the wall and the wall was sucked up on the plafond this was very weird.

we decided to go home because we were so superstoned weird and tired.
I biked backwards outof the driveway because I had a deja-vu that I did that so backwards.. Bang I fell on the grond on my bike, I didn't hurt myself, but I didn't really know how to bike, and it was so strainge outsite so open and wide, with weird clowds
and the moooooon, the moon was so beatifull, but she always is.

When we biked everyting was sucked up in one point and the rest was long and looked like it streched forever.

Bang! then stone and Job hit the ground we all laughed and it was funny, we biked and Stone went home, Job and I had to bike a little bit further, then It started to rain really really hard, we decidet do have shelter in a little busstop,

when it stopped we went away to home, it started to rain again but now it was a very nice feeling,

Job and I splitted up and biked home, I had to go 6 km to home so I putted on some music, that was so cool the sounds were mixing and morphing, and it was really power music, so I biked as fast as I could and thouhgt I was on a motorcycle.

When I came home I freaked in front of the mirror, watched a little bit of tv and went to bed,

The next morning I still felt weird

I really liked this shroom experience
I hope you liked it to,

Nice shroomin'

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