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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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A Perfect Trip

I was able to get some South American mushrooms the other day.

I was able to get some South American mushrooms
the other day. Ate 3 grams. I've tripped many times, but
this was definetly the greatest experience that I've had.
Within 20 minutes i was feeling something. The usual
begining of a trip, giggly, paranoid, all that stuff. I went
for a walk to wait for the full effects to come on. They
soon did, as everything in my field of vision began to
leave brilliant trails. Reality soon became blurred. I was
in another world...no, another dimension. Nothing
made sense, but at the same time everything did make
sense, just on a completely different level from normal
thinking. Colors became extremely vivid. The sky
actually became purple, then changed to a weird
pink-ish color, then to black, the back to purple (over the
course of 45 minutes). Everything around me was
moving. Walls, trees, lamp posts - they all came to life,
reaching out to me. My friend (who was also tripping)
and I began to have outrageous conversations that at
any other time would be ridiculously insane. At this
point however, they made complete sense - in fact, they
didnt even seem like anything out of the ordinary. We
sat under a tree for a while. The tree branches
distorted, and as we watched them, the rest of the tree
began to move down towards us. We eventualy decided
to leave this area and go back home (getting rather lost
on the way there!) After about 5 1/2 hours, the effects
had worn off. This was an incredible experience. I've
tripped many times before, but this was without a doubt
the best. It was an incredible natural experience with
absolutely no bad side effects. The mushrooms that I
ate were very powerful. If you have the chance, I would
suggest trying them (They are from South America) I
would say that they are the best mushrooms I have
come across.

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