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Brave New World

This was the first time i shroomed, so i had no idea what to expect.

This was the first time i shroomed, so i had no idea what to expect. It was me and two of my friends Henry and Mary. All of us ate the shrooms, and washed it back with two j's of northern lights.
Everything was going grreat for awhile. We started crawling around on the floor and melting into the walls. It was cool as hell. The carpet became this mass ocean in which i was floating away from both of them.
When i came back, i was starting to get really paranoid. Unlike other stuff that i've done, at the time, i had no clue that i was under the influence of drugs. I thought that what i was experiencing was reality. I started to follow Mary around the house. And i remember going up the stairs, and i looked up and saw no end to the stairs. They went straight up into eternity.
Icontinued to follow her around the house, and i realized that we were moving in a cycle. I would go from room to room and do the exact same thing. Whenever i tried to break the cycle, i realized that i did that the time before, so it was pointless. Part of this cycle was trying to get my friend Mary naked. Each time i tried to untie her blouse, but she resited.
At this point, i began to think that Mary and Henry were robots, and the reason Mary would not take off her shirt was because she was hiding her mechanical innards. My logic explained to me that they were both put there by some higher being to keep my mind of off the "brave new world-erizing" the entire global society. And the more the cycles continued, the more i thought that i myself was becoming a robot, and it was driving me insane.
And then i blacked out.
To this day, all i know of a few hours that night, was only what others had told me.
Aparently, i had taken off all my clothes and began to swim in the carpet. And people started to come over to the hoouse, and soon there were at least twenty people there. And then my own sense of memory kicked back in, and i remember sitting in a chair in a corner of the basement in only my boxers.
From this point, it was a complete out of body experince. I was sitting across the room watching my self and other people react. I had no mental control over my own thoughts, nor reality. And a friend had come down the stairs to check on me, she was told that i was having a bad trip. When i saw her react to myself, i thought that she was staring at my dead body. I thought i saaw my own face melting. At that i point i ran to the bathroom to puke. After i threw up, i fell down while i was trying to climb the stairs. At that point, i was trying figure out why i was only in my underwear. I passed out and that was the last i remember of the trip. For about a week i was practically a zombie trying to put the peices of my trip together.

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