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Within the last 2 years I've become fascinated with mushrooms.

Within the last 2 years I've become fascinated with mushrooms. However, in the past 2 years I have only tripped 4 times. The first three were probably around level 2 as I did not want to dive into tripping with my eyes closed. There was probably a year break inbetween my 3rd and 4th trip. Mostly because I find it extremely difficult to obtain mushrooms around here.

Anyway I finally got some and a friend and I were gonna trip together. He was gonna come over to my place. So I ate mine at about 9pm. At about 9:30 the trip started coming on. By this time i realized my friend had flaked, and I was gonna have to trip alone. So I sat on the couch and started peaking. I can remember I was watching mtv's jackass and everytime i would blink my eyes it felt like a thick foam/plastic substance was building up on them and i had to wipe it away aggressively in order to get rid of it. Soon things were moving, breathing, colors and patterns everywhere. It was an awesome beginning to an awesome trip. The next thing I know i looked at the clock and it was 10:05. Then what seemed like 4 hours later, i looked at the clock again, and it was 10:05. It felt like years had passed before it was even close to being 10:30. Soon after that I remember WWF's heat coming on. the commentators were talking and i remember the crowd behind them would only cheer when i looked directly at them. if i looked away, they stopped cheering. by the way i never really liked wrestling until this trip. Also, during all this i had the front door open. I could hear the cars on the freeway (cause i live near a freeway), the next door neighbors dog and thier windchimes, and all these noises just tripped me out. Then i heard people walking around making noise upstairs. And i only live in a one story house. Soon i decided to get off my ass and go outside. I stood on the driveway and felt an overwhelming need to just sit down, so i did. on the side of me was my car, across from me were two trees (one had morphed into the blue monster from monsters inc. and he was hitting a bong), a cloud formation that looked like the carls jr. star guy and another tree to my right that the moon was hiding behind. the moon refused to come out from behind that tree because it was a little shy. as i sat there i held an almost telepathic conversation with all of these things. it was as if we all knew eachother and we were just sittin there chattin. although no real words were ever conveyed. and i wasnt like talkin to them outloud...or at least i hope i wasnt lol. it was just like i was in a totally different place with "people" that i knew and had known for a while. it was really an awesome experience. basically after that i just went back inside and finished out the trip. although most wont encourage tripping alone, it can be a pretty cool experience if it isnt your first time, and if youre comfortable with yourself and with the idea of tripping.

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