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elves & giants

a couple nights ago me & my friends (4of em') went to another friends house for supper.

a couple nights ago me & my friends (4of em') went to another friends house for supper. I said i'll make it (I was going to put a couple o shroom heads in there (it was a nasty little tuna casarole thing but the shrooms made it taste alot better & made the ride all the way to Colorado from Utah seem worth while) well it was kinda hard to sneak shrooms in the casarole with them not knowing so I said i'd make some coffie too. But little did I know that there was going to be more guests. After a couple of minues of grinding up coffie, putting it into the coffie pot, grind ing up srooms and putting the powder into the casarole, two of my friends parents came into the house! What a suprize.
now were probly gonna have a whole party of high people dancing around my friends backyard forest. After the casarole was getting on my nerves from the bluish tint from the shrooms I said it was finally finished. suddenly everyone rushed around me, took one look at the casarole and gave me the "what the fuckin hell is that?" look.

After I put it on the table every one looked scared like I was a terrorist or something. They finaly after looking looking at it and then back at me forever they took some & slapped it on a plate, whent into the kichen, got some coffie and went outside. I said I had to go to my car to get something (which I did) and when I got back in everyone was lookin like zombies or somethin and when I got finished eating my dinner I probably looked like one too. after a while everyone went and got more (including me) until it was completely gone then an hour or so went by & then it started kicking in. everyone started lookin like mascaraders on crack. Then all of a sudden there were elves and giants on the street & my friends backyard. thery were sorta staring at eachother and then lookin at us and waveing. then I felt like I got hit in the back of my head & whent into a nice little slumber. when I woke up I was sitting in MY house on a chair and everyone was gone. I hope to someday see the elves & giants someday again.

so overall I would say that it was pretty fun

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