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Crazy Colorado

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This trip occur over spring break in Colorado. After three day of skiing and snow boarding my friends and I decided to to enjoy our last night of spring break by tripping after the ski areas closed for the day. We had came out from Iowa with a pretty good assortment of drugs, but the previous night we had purchased some shrooms from a bartender so that was going to be my drug of choice. After getting cleaned up from skiing for the day I tryed to guesstamate about 4 grams worth of shrooms for myself, while two of my friends had one mushroom extract pill each and the other friend had one gel tab acid. I was pretty courious to see how my shrooms were since I had gotting a very good deal on them. So we all ate what we were going to tripping on that night about six in the evening. It took a while for the shrooms to start working for me since I had a large supper prior to eating the shrooms, but when the first wave came on it was a lot more than I had expected! After smokeing a few bowls worth of nugs in hotel we decided that it was time to break out and see the country side. We all going into my friend extended cab truck and crused alround for awhile. At this point I had a mild concern for my safty since one of my friend that had the extract pill was driving, but I think that I was tripping the hardest since I could hardly talk at this point. All I could do was look out the window . Outside was beautiful there was a full moon out and with being up at such a high altidude (campared to Iowa) you could see ever for miles with the snow covered ground lighting up everthing. After awhile we needed to get out of the truck and roam around. We stopped along side of a lake and my friends called some of our unfortinate friends that were not with us tripping and even worse stuck in Iowa. Meanwhile I had ventured onto the frozen lake. I was thinking to myself that I was walking on water, which looked electrafied by the very intense moon light or it could of just been myself. We got back in the truck and continued on our tour. At this point we decided that we needed to take pictures. Needless to say that the picutes did not turn out very good. Actually the pictures looked as if the camera was also tripping with us, since all of the pictures were taken while we were moving and we were trying to use the night option on the camera. Once we got back to our hotel room I noticed that pattern on our the curtains in our room were crawling (think of the carpet from 'fear and loathing'). We were going to try and smoke some more but it seemed that we all had for got how to load the bowl. So we went back outside and walked to an ice rink and we trying to get to some picknic tables that were surrounded by 3-4 foot snow drifts. As my friends raced to the tables by rolling there I stood back and wondered if there was any one around to see two adults crawling and rolling to this table all the while making about as much noise as possible. After this we walked around the town of Frisco watching the shadows of the few cloud that night run down the sides of the mountains like waves. This trip was certainly different than most of my trips since I did not do as much thinking as I did just enjoying the view of that night. Since this trip I have always wanted to go back to the wonderful state of Colorade.

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