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Waking up Shrooming


Wow. I have had many tripping experience in my life, but none quite like this one. Some months ago, I had eaten some homegrown shrooms (grown by using PF Tek) and had a very mellow trip, even though I had eaten about 4 dried grams. I figured the potency of this newer batch, which produced about 3 dried ounces, would be about the same. In order to ease the taste of the shrooms, I had ground them to a powder and encapsulated them. About an hour after eating dinner, my girlfriend and I decided we were going to sample the new batch, and ingested about 5 grams each (10 capsules).
After an hour we were not feeling anything, and decided to head off to bed. After about another 30 minutes or so, we had both drifted off to sleep, being tired from a long day. About another 30 minutes after that (about 1 am) my girlfriend wakes me up and tells me she just had a really weird dream. I kept trying to focus on the room around me, but couldn't seem to see the ceiling. The clock had a glow, but I couldn't see the time. My eyes were watering and I was a little confused. My girlfriend says, "Look around...everything looks really cool!" At this point, I was still thinking I was NOT tripping. As I was looking around the room, still unable to focus, she asks, "Do you feel weird?"
Suddenly it dawned on me...I WAS tripping! I said, "Yes! That's why I feel so weird and I can't focus on anything!" It was like a total revelation! Well, after this discovery that our homegrown shrooms were working, we started laughing about it. This led into the realization that everytime we opened our eyes, all we could see were kaleidoscope colors and patterns everywhere. Everything was completely distorted, and our eyes were watering almost uncontrollably.
Time seemed to become insignificant as our trip continued to intensify. I stopped opening my eyes since I couldn't see anything but indescribable colors and patterns with my eyes opened or closed. We were talking to each other about what we were feeling. My girlfriend felt as if she had layers upon layers of flower petals on her eyes that she couldn't rub out. It was hard to move out of the bed, so we were laying down enjoying our trip for a long time. As time went by, I became able to see around me better, but my mind was experiencing more than I ever have with shrooms. It seemed as if everything around me was insignificant compared to the greater whole of the universe.
My girlfriend began to 'trip rap' - she was just talking away, making no sense whatsoever, and she would answer questions from me (sort of), but then continue onto some other weird subject. I seemed to be floating in the air above the bed. As my girlfriend drifted off into her own world, I did the same. I began to listen to my own breathing, and the sounds around me. I felt like I could hear the Whoosh! of the planet as it sped around the sun, and I drifted off to sleep finally around 7 am (approx) contemplating deeper things that I failed to remember the next day.
There was much more to this trip than I can describe here, especially the connection with everything around me. I can only say that it was by far the most intense trip I have ever had, and I look forward to when I am ready for a level 5 trip. I guess the lesson from this trip is to never assume the shrooms are duds, and remember that shrooms can have a tenfold difference in potency, even from the same strain. We have shroomed a few more times from this batch, and discovered that as little as 1.5 to 2 grams of dried shrooms is enough to put us into a level 3 trip.
It will be awhile before I attempt this level trip again, especially before I fall asleep!

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