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Blue Shrooms

Before I give my trip report on just what exactly happened I will give you some background information.

Before I give my trip report on just what exactly happened I will give you some background information. I am 16 and have only tripped on mushrooms one time before this. The first trip I had wasn't really that good, but I heard that the first time that somebody does mush they don't really trip as much. I smoke a lot of pot also, I usually buy at least two to three ounces of chronic a week, considering my job pays pretty good. I had always been curious about tripping on shrooms ever since I first visited the Shroomery.

Finally, the weekend had come once again. I was planning to go to this big party that was supposed to happen at some guy's house later that night. Around 6:00 p.m. me and a few friends hooked up to pitch on the drugs and alcohol for the night. Me, my buddy Adam, Seth and a few other friends met down at Seth's house and started to think about what we were going to do until later that night. We pooled some of our cash and decided to buy a quarter pound of dope and a couple flats of beer. I still had quite a bit of money left so I decided when I went to get the weed, I would ask my dealer If he could hook me up with a half ounce of shrooms.

My buddies waited while I drove up to my dealer's place. When I got there he was weiging out a quarter for some other dude. I told him I needed a QP and also asked if he could hook me up with some shrooms. He told me I was in luck, a buddy just called and was trying to find people to buy mushrooms. I sat down and he got me my bud ( which was a mix of purple indica and bubblegum, so I was told ), then he called up buddy with the mushrooms.

We chilled for a while and smoked a couple of bowls and waited for this guy to show up. The bowls we smoked were purple indica which I found out was remarkably potent. 2 bowls got me fucking baked through the roof. About half an hour later buddy shows up. He sits down and pulls out a bag containing about 3 pounds of blue mushrooms. I buy a half ounce for $90.00 The dude tells me that these shrooms are some of the best he has ever taken. He tells me he had a near death expierience off three grams! That really makes me want to eat them now. I grab my bud and my shrooms and head on back down to Seth's.

When I arrived I found them sitting around, drinking beer and passing a couple joints. I give everybody thier weed and noticed that they had already went out and bought thier booze. FUCK! Now I had to go make another trip for my own. I hop in my car and drive down to the liquor store. Instead of beer,I decided to buy two 40's of vodka. I decided that since I was going to be eating shrooms tonight I would just drink Vodka, instead of beer. Hell, if I wanted beer later I could always get some from the kegs at the party. I drive back and go inside the house. We decide to smoke a couple blunts of the bubblegum bud. The shit was really skunky and stunk up the house.

10:00 p.m. - It's time to head off to that party, but before we leave I decided to make mushroom tea. This is the way I consumed them last time as well. I mix about an 1/8 of my mushrooms into the mix and slug all of it back in about 5 minutes. After I finished the eigth we left for the party. The dude lived way out of town, and it took about half an hour to get there. By the time we pulled up I already could start to feel the mushrooms taking over my body. The Vodka didn't help the situation out much either. About an hour later I was full blown tripping. I was getting some intense closed eye visuals and the carpet at the guys house had some really fucked up swirl design on it that really fucked with my head for a while. Soon after that I headed into the bathroom and was suprised all to hell when the toilet told me I was going to die. I finally managed to piss into a talking toilet and pull my cock back into my pants, when I suddenly felt the urge to touch the wall. When I put my hand on it it looked like an ocean that just swirled and blobbed when I touched it. I must have stood there for 20 minutes baked, drunk and tripping on the walls in some dudes bathroom.

I founds my buddies later all downstairs on the couches with smoking weed and drinking thier beer. I sat down and took the occasional hits off the blunts passed down my way. I felt like I was melting into the couch. I thought it was a terrifying world that I was stuck in and couldn't get out of. Then strange thoughts rushed through my head and I couldn't help seeing them. It was really tripping me out. After a few more hours I wasn't tripping as bad, but I was burnt out and pretty wrecked.

We decided to leave the party and drive somehwere after a while. I had finished my two 40's, smoked a half ounce and ate an eigth of shrooms that night but I still wanted to have more trippy fun so while we where driving my drunk ass decided to eat some more shrooms. They were really strong tasting without being mixed into the tea. We decided to go the beach and trip out. When we got there I was beginning to trip out pretty bad. I lay on my back in the sand staring up at the night sky as colorful spiral and swriling images danced in front of my eyes. I was having a great time until suddenly I felt my arm shrivel up. I looked down at my arm which to me, looked wrinkly and old. Then my other arm wrinkled up as well. This set off the panic and I was tripping bad and freaking out.( My friends would later tell me that I thought I was turning into an old man, and that I also thought that the whole universe was just a figment of my imagination).

The next morning I woke up in the back seat of my car, parked beside the beach, with a massive fucking hangover and no pants. I had sand all down my ass and in my boxer's.
I felt really wierd too. I then decided to look at my drugs to see what I had done last night. The two ounces of bud I had bought last night had turned into an ounce and a half, my half ounce of shrooms was now just a quarter. And in my front seat lay two empty 40 bottles. My head pounded like a fucking bell. Wow, that expierience really played with my head. I never knew shrooms could fuck around with someones mind as much as they did with me last night. I drove back to my house and slept off my hangover. I decided that next time I eat mushrooms I woudn't eat so much in one night.

Well, thanks for reading my trip report... happy shroomin and peace out.

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