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My Worst Trip

The Worst Trip Of Mine I've done shrooms before and had WONDERFUL experiences.

The Worst Trip Of Mine

I've done shrooms before and had WONDERFUL experiences. A few of my friends and I started shrooming about a year before this trip and we were loving every bit of it. The weird part was that the first time was the most amazing and vivid for everyone. I'm now really sure why the rest seemed to go down hill, but they did. Maybe because we were all going through alot of changes in our lives and were distancing ourselves for each other. For me it was not a great period of my life anyway. The environment is so damn important.

So here it goes. We had just gotten word that some mushies were in town and we were happy as hell. The guy who had them dropped by and we picked up quite a bit. It was going to be like five or six people ingesting. I had like only half an eighth and that ripped my face off so they were really good. Everyone was at my house that night and gobbled them up as soon as they got there hands on them. We loved shrooming! This stage wasn't our fav because we always had to keep ourselves busy before we felt anything and even when the first person did, someone else might not so....we waited. About an hour later we left to go for a ride in my friends car. He was buggin' too and I don't think that was the smartest thing we could have done, although he really is a great driver. Around the block we drove for a few minutes and then parked in his driveway. There everyone, except me, smoked a few joints (I didn't smoked at that point anymore). I started to zone out big time, but what I remember was someone saying "Hey lets take a ride in B's MX3!" Whoohoo! This was the coolest thing that night. From his other car (the one we were in, park in the driver's driveway) the driver opened up the garage door and all you could see were glimpses of the "spaceship" from the creases in the door. I hope I haven't lost ya =). It looked like a scene from some old movie where they opened up their barn and there was a spaceship! The light came pouring out of the garage as if it was the almighty vehicle. It was SOOO funny. I had tears in my eyes because we were laughing so hard. Man...that was hilarious. "It's the spaceship!". Well we all climbed in and went for another ride. He put on some trance and turned it loud. Oh, he had a really nice system in this car too so the experience was wonderful. This is when most of us felt the mushies set in. I felt like we WERE in space. The car, the music, the speed, and feelings made it perfect.

Well unfortunately we had to stop driving so we took a trip back to the driver's house and decided to watch a lil' AMP (MTV broadcasted electronic music videos for awhile so I taped a few of them). AMP was the choice of eye candy everytime! I sat down on a couch and the other's found other places. For awhile none of us talked, we just watched the boob-tube.

Note: From this point on I don't remember much very clearly.

One friend was getting very hyper and wanted to do something else. I for one wanted to stay a couch potatoe. The others decided to leave and tried to get me to leave to, but I wasn't answering them they told me later. I remember feeling like everyone was against me no matter what they said. I seemed to twist what people would say and turn it negative. I hate doing that...it's a habit! I caouldn't really talk or convey my feelings. So I was really in my own little world at this point, a void. Nothing mattered. I was scared, but almost not because I couldn't think coherently. I know I'm forgetting so much, it's kinda pisses me off I hadn't written anything after the expierence. Oh well. They all left and for awhile I hadn't noticed. Somehow I guess I blacked out or hit my peak and lost it, but all I can remember was the VCR turning off and then back to the TV and that startled me. I looked around, thinking everyone was watching me and and talking about me, but they were all gone. Sure enough eveyone was actually gone and I was alone. I somehow zoned into the TV again and when I say zoned...I mean ZONED. I can recall feeling like I was the actual people on the TV station and sometimes they would talk to me. Freaky! I saw nothing else, but the TV which seemed like only a few feet away. It was actually a good twenty feet. Finally after my conscience came somewhat back to normal I got up, with a struggle. Not a fatigue struggle, but I had to fight with my will to get up and move. It was like my mind was two different people wanting different things. Enventually I left to walk home in the now rainy streets. I was still paranoid and worried out of my mind, but I had to get home. I lost one of my contacts too somehow. When I finally reached home I got out of my drentched clothes, took out my contacts, and hoped in the shower. Then I had this overwhelming fear that I was going to bug forever in my half normal half abstract state of being. My body felt like someone elses and so differnt. I guess it was that I was home and I didn't feel the same. I was sure to get caught I thought. The shower helped a little, but the thing that really helped was the tape my girlfriend gave me for christmas last year. It is a meditation tape and it worked wonders. I awoke the next morning glad to find myself back to my regular state of mind.

I've, for the most part, always been depressed and negitive. It's not so cut and dry like that because a good part of the time I'm merry and very hopeful, but the darker side of me strikes sometimes. Your environment is so crucial (and you've probably heard that before, but it is good to retouch on good advice here and there). I started psychedelics when I was fourteen and I'm now twenty. I really never had a bad trip until this year actually. Infact LSD never gave me a bad trip, but that's probably because back then I had no stress, no worries, and good vibes.

Well I hope that you all benefit from my fav lil' pals in many ways and that you all who use them act wisely.

Safe and Happy Tripping everyone!

Gaian Walker

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